Free Internet Marketing Tools

There are so many different internet marketing tools available today. Not only can they help automate your business, but to provide useful information that can benefit your prospects as well. In this article I will share with you free internet marketing tools that will benefit your business.

The key to building a successful business is to provide your potential prospects valuable and useful information. So where can you find this information online? is a great open source sharing what is happening today. You can access information from sites such as Twitter, social bookmarking sites, Google, news sites, YouTube, Flicker, Speed Test Tool and many others.

Once you have found the information to share with your prospects, it’s great if you can automate your outgoing messages around your sites at scheduled times. is a great site that allows you to send your message to as many different social networking sites. But it is not automatic because you have to input the information yourself.

That is why I am delighted to have found The site has been created for other benefits, but what I like is that I can schedule all my posts to be distributed on all my sites first thing in the morning and never have to worry about the rest day.

Keyword research is very important when building a business online. Have you struggled to get your content on the first page of Google? Well, the fix tool keyword lets you see how difficult it will be to rank for specific keywords or phrases. It provides a percentage score from low to high. You can find this tool by going to then access seo-tools is where you will find the keyword tool difficulty.

Ever want to spy on your competitors? You know, you have landed on their site and you’re dying to know what keywords they are targeting. With extractor SEOmoz term it will analyze the content on a given page and extract the terms that seem to be their targeted keywords. Very nice little tool. You can find this tool by going to then clicking SEO Tools. Scroll down the page until you see the section on keywords search and classification tools, then you will Extractor term.

I’ll share more for you before concluding this article instead. If you’ve ever wondered how to optimize your site for SEO, help tremendously. Simply fill in the necessary information and it will give you results.

There are literally hundreds of different tools available online and many free ones are fabulous. Unfortunately, I could not share with you a few in this article. I hope you found these free internet marketing tools that will benefit your company to be very useful for what you want to accomplish.

How to Repair Your Reputation After a Website Hack

If your website has been attacked and sensitive customer information stolen, your reputation as a safe and trustworthy business may be gone. It can take you years to build up such a reputation, and then within a few minutes, it’s gone. Your current customers may walk away because they had their credit card information stolen, while potential customers may have second thoughts about working with you. When this happens, you face the difficult task of rebuilding your reputation. Fortunately, that is possible with some hard work. Here are some things you must do to start this process.

Admit the Hack Occurred

People know it happened, so you have nothing to gain by covering up the fact that your website was hacked. In some cases, your website may have been vandalised. In other cases, malware and other nasty programs may have been hidden in your website and sent to visitors. Google may have declared your site a risk and blocked it from users. No matter what occurred, people are going to learn that your website was the source of a major problem.

By stepping forward and admitting that it happened, you can at least save a little bit of your reputation as an honest and upfront company. This also helps protect your customers. Some of them may not have realised that their personal information was stolen. By announcing that a hack has occurred, you alert your customers and website visitors that they need to check their bank accounts and credit cards.

Do an In-Depth Review of Your Website

The next step is to do a detailed review of your website. You want to fix a hacked website as soon as possible because it may be infecting visitors with malware that has been hidden on it. You will need to call in an expert who understands all the different ways that a cyber-attacker can damage your website and where they can hide viruses. You may find that they’ve created their own backdoor into your server with their own user accounts. Some may have left behind programs that will send them periodic bursts of data from your eCommerce site or will transfer all of your new usernames and passwords over to them.

Just because the initial attack is over doesn’t mean you’re safe. Have your website reviewed and repaired as soon as possible or you may find that your new firewalls and other security methods have already been circumvented.

Submit a Request to Google

Once you’ve had a professional clean your site and verify that it does not contain backdoors, viruses, or malware, you need to submit a request to Google to remove you from their blacklist. This is vital if you want to start bringing in more traffic to your website. If Google has your site blocked behind a warning, the only way to get there is by directly typing in the URL or going through another website’s link. Without Google, you have very little chance of bringing in new customers. Fortunately, the company that cleaned your website can also help you with this step.


How Important is A Spy Camera With Motion Detection?

There are not many people who are aware of how beneficial a spy camera can be when it comes to maintaining security, the truth, however, is that there is not much of a difference between a hidden surveillance camera a spy camera which is stationary. A good camera will however definitely improve the home security, especially if the cameras in question are attached to motion detectors. If you want to be aware of what happens in your home or at your business when you are not around, purchasing a spy camera with motion detectors is a great idea.

Are You Looking for Home or Business?
There are spy cameras that are made for both residential and commercial purposes. The type of area you’re looking to cover makes a difference when it comes to the specific types of cameras and motion detectors that are available. A home based security system combined with spy cameras and motion detectors will be a lot different than a commercial one.

Will Your Camera be For Your Business or for Your Home?

When it comes to motion detectors for the home that will be set off by movement they are generally in the form of cameras which are small and can be hidden in places such as smoke detectors and electrical outlets etc. When the motion detector turns them on, they begin recording and the footage can later be retrieved from your computer.

Spy Camera Motion Detectors For You Business

There is a difference however with business related spy cameras. Since business related security is different, generally it is less about robbery or break-ins and more about corporate espionage or keeping tabs on employees in a certain building, especially if top secret files are being accessed.

In other words, the camera motion detectors found in a business office or corporate building will be available similar to a laptop camera, a clothes hook, a zip drive or perhaps a camera which is attached to a computer and will turn on every time someone passes by, they however will not light up to show that it is recording. This will keep the surveillance on the down low while keeping track of everything that is happening. There are other popular office items which serve the same purpose such as air freshness readers or digital thermometers.

In Summary

When it comes to using motion detectors to keep your home or business safe, there are many things to choose from. There are a lot of manufacturers and providers that will offer exactly what you need. There are a lot of very well known security devices that will help to maintain the safety and security of your home.

Best 4 iPhone tracker Apps and Purposes

Are you deeply worrying about your beloved children’s activities, or about your employees who are handling your confidential matters and data? Or drowned in a feel of insecurity due to the suspicious behavior of your partner or spouse! Then take a look on the following article, where you might get an idea to solve them…

Spy App for iPhone – Intention

With the tech-enabled surveillance power you can find out the truth, behind your disloyal partner or employees, served by these amazing “spy apps”. These apps carries-out a live detection and also records it as a report for latter response.

Hence, you can thoroughly monitor your employees/partners, to whom they are dealing with, while plundering the company’s supplies and materials; leaking the blue print of a plan; sharing of company’s other confidential matters and so on. Therefore, you can be able to seize them red-handed.

Moreover, by using these apps, you could even effectively save your child from any dangerous or any awful conditions, for instance, abuse of internet, cyber threatening, cyber bullying, social embarrassment, wrong habits, misleading chatting, inappropriate communications and so on.

Spy App for iPhone – What is it Going to do?

Almost all the iphone tracker apps functions to monitor and hack, both inbound or outbound data such as messages, video calls, voice messages, chats, images, videos and so on. Meanwhile, it will also track the data from the online communication apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, FB Messenger, Viber, Skype, Line, Telegram, iMessage, BBM, WeChat, and Hangouts etc. Similarly, it also helps to track GPS Location, call history, Geo-Fencing, e-mails, browsing history, bookmarks, keyword alerts, calendar activities, events and notes. To be simple, it may be anything from the targeted iPhone.

These advanced, innovative and reliable software applications would let you to know everything that you are really concerned about. And, here we have listed out, four of the best iphone tracker app that performs the entire above tasks, for you.


This is an extremely reliable and easy to use application, whose extraordinary features are compatible for all iOS versions. So, you can supervise any iPhone’s and tablet’s activity, in any aspect, with perfect security and efficiency.

Its key feature of executing the monitoring functions, goes well with both ‘jailbroken’ and ‘non-jailbroken’ iPhones. Moreover, it offers a ‘blocking’ feature that helps to block the access of unwanted sites, phone calls, e-mails, and even online communication apps. Hence, it is one of the best and perfect spy app for ‘monitoring’ and also for ‘blocking’ your children’s activity. It is cost effective and efficient.


It is the only spy app with over 150 amazing features that are totally unique. Functioning in a well-hidden manner, it carries-out the monitoring action silently and hacks the data from all sorts of communications and locations. Hence, you can easily detect the user’s behaviour, by simply accessing it from any web browser with your Flexispy account.

Also, it has more impressive features, for instance live spying, such as; live call interception; listening on their phone’s surroundings; reading the passwords and passcodes from any iPhone or iPad. However, to avail full access to the targeted iPhone through this app, the phone must necessarily be jailbroken. Even though it is priced high, it worth’s it.


This wonderful application with advanced features would be keen on its monitoring job, with its discreet tools. Once you have installed this spy app, it does everything to fetch you the information that you really want to know about the suspected person. However, it demands jailbreaking of the targeted iPhone, to function.

Other than that, it supports live call interception, surrounding sound recording, redirecting the texts, in an affordable cost. If you need a package that is adequate for a normal monitoring function, in an affordable price, this is surely the one, to carry out a good job.

Highster Mobile

Its stunning features, makes it the most preferred solution for the mobile tracking functions. It is claimed to be a well-established app for iPhone monitoring ‘no matter, whatever is your mobile monitoring requirement’. Hence, it fulfils all the spying demands of a caring parents and authorized person to track the suspicious activity, through an inexpensive application.

It is also essential to note that we have only listed out four from thousands of such apps, apart from which, there are other spy apps too, such as Mobile Spy, iSpyoo, Spyera, TheTruthSpy, Phone Sheriff, MobiStealth that would also do good, for executing the tracking function, for any targeted idevices.

Let a Great New Charger Put a Charge Back into Your Tech Life

There’s no question that the tech revolution has seen us become more keen on and adept at working on the go. For those who hate long hours spent hunched over a computer screen, this has been quite a boon—the need to slave away in a cubicle is lessened somewhat when you can always take your work with you and type that report out on the go whilst listening to your favourite songs and streaming new content. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory. There are still plenty of things still tying us to work stations (not the least of which being bosses who’d like more work getting done and less Candy getting Crushed) but one thing that shouldn’t be tethering us are inefficient chargers.

Here, then, are a few things to consider when looking into purchasing a new charger for your phone, laptop, or other digital device.

Plug-In vs. Portable

One of the great things about technology is the fact that it’s not only constantly improving, but that this more often than not takes the form of it learning from and improving upon past mistakes or shortcomings. The original cell phones were massive brick-sized behemoths? We found a way to make the smaller. They had limited range? The range improved. They were limited in what they could do? The modern smartphone is a computer in your pocket.

All of which brings us back to the question of chargers. One of the most difficult things for smartphone owners to figure out has always been how to best manage the battery in such a way as to avoid the dreaded “Battery Low” message, or the blank black screen that signals the death of your phone’s battery—at least until you charge it again. That’s a relatively easy answer to the question of what to do when the battery runs low or dies, but it’s always easy or effective enough. What if you’re caught out in the open with no power outlet in sight? And what if your charger is too large to fit in your pocket? Those may seem like trivial concerns, but in an age when phones are an integral part of both the business and social sides of everyday life, they’re something to consider.

Which brings us to the innovation which has the potential to radically help this problem: small-time portable chargers. More like battery packs, these things are small and simply plug into your charging slot like any other charger. The downside? As always with chargers, what you gain in portability you lose in power. Finding the balance you need between these extremes is critical to finding a good charger for on the go.

Be Careful of Compatibility

If you look into third-party chargers, you want to be make sure they’re compatible with your phone. For example, when looking for an iPhone 6 charger, there are many options open to you from both Apple and other parties, but you do want to make sure any third-party offering is confirmed to be compatible.

Put a charge back into your tech experience with a great new charger.


5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Digital Marketing

If you have just entered the world of modern business, all things digital will be of the utmost importance, as the Internet is the hub from which all your business will be generated. Digital marketing involves applying a range of strategies across a range of platforms, and with social media becoming the preferred medium for online ordering, you cannot afford to be left behind. If you are thinking that digital marketing is just a fad, here are 5 reasons why you should change your mind.

  1. The Right Content – This is essential if you aim to attract users, with informative, useful, and well written content. Unless you happen to be a writer, this is best left to the professionals and is something your digital marketing partner would handle. Blogging is an effective way to generate traffic, and the topics should all be related to your industry in some way. The right keywords in the right places will certainly bring your homepage up in the search engine rankings.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is perhaps the most essential tool for any online business, and the experts can utilise a range of techniques to increase your website’s visibility within a search engine. SEO isn’t a one off activity, with search engines constantly changing their algorithms, and this means constant tweaking to retain that ranking. For the best advice on SEO, visit Click Alchemy, a leading digital marketing agency that can really make a difference.
  1. Social Media Marketing – More users than ever are now ordering online products and services from social media sites, so you will need to create profiles and post the right content, in order to generate a following. The mobile device has now become the preferred online buying method, so your site needs to be compatible with every type of device, such as a smartphone, tablet or even a PC, and with experts helping you to make your mark on the digital world, you can focus on other aspects of the business.
  1. The Right Website – If you consult a digital marketing agency at the very outset, they could use their extensive knowledge to help you create the perfect platform to launch the business. Your digital partner can provide the right content, and help you to design the site, which is a direct reflection of the company and its values.
  1. Get Ahead of the Pack – With so many small businesses, all trying to grab a share of the limited market, you need to employ the experts, if you are to rise above the opposition. The various techniques used will create a strong online presence, and with their technical know-how, it is easy to evaluate the performance of any single marketing avenue, and adjust as necessary.

A good digital marketing agency will provide unique solutions for all their clients, and whatever your line of business, the Internet will dominate, and so many other online avenues await, if you have the right partner, that is.

What Makes Ecommerce Design Advantageous To Businesses!

In terms of expensiveness, an ecommerce design is costlier than a normal static website design. Though ecommerce website features distinctive attributes that make it different from other designs and those businesses which also conduct monetary or web based financial transactions, this design becomes primary need for them. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, more and more businesses are grabbing ecommerce website and to have it fully functional, they need advanced ecommerce design for their website development.

Although, the ecommerce website accompanies a long list of advantages to businesses; however, it is also a fact that this design requires more funds to spend and if you are tight at your budget, then you can’t afford ecommerce website. At that time, you can go for other alternatives like a website that acts as lead generation tool only. By putting your services and products online and making customers to drop their order inquiry through email, phone or SMS can be another option to crack leads. However, this approach does not ensure lead closing as you are not sure whether your customer would purchase or not. But, when you choose an ecommerce website, things work differently.  The option for Pay Now on your website encourages the customers or visitors to buy the product immediately by paying for the same from the multiple payment options available on your site.

Ecommerce Design Expands The Business-

It is a reality that the ecommerce website design plays a great role in expanding a business of a company. By providing products, payment options on your website to your customers, you give them an ease which they enjoy and appreciate the most.

In today’s arena, this type of website has become a mandatory possession for the companies due to competitiveness of the market. Online shopping enthusiasts are quite impulsive and they don’t spend too much time on exploring method on how to make payment on a website or so on. But at times they find any website confusion, they prefer choosing another website for placing their orders. So, if you don’t present your customers a better user experience, you can’t think of beating your rivals at any cost.

Advantages Of Ecommerce Website Design-

  • This website design helps enhancing sales of the companies.
  • Ecommerce website design is meant to improve user experience.
  • Easy payment options for customers.
  • Makes shopping easy and convenience for online shoppers.
  • Trustworthy business practices.
  • Efficient business process.
  • Better customer service can be presented if you choose ecommerce website design for your traditional company website. Customer service is a key of success and ecommerce is a certain way to enhance your customer service.
  • Automated payment solution integrated to ecommerce websites offer trusted pay-out solutions for better and reliable shopping experience.
  • Customer friendly design that makes customers happy and satisfied with high-level service and customer experience.

So, these are few appealing advantages of using ecommerce design for a website. Businesses which do not want to stay part from the competition should definitely choose a reliable company for having effective ecommerce design for their company website.

Exploring Inspirational Mentorship & Consultancy on the Essay


Mentorship is a term generally used to describe a relationship between a less experienced individual, called a mentee or protégé, and a more experienced individual known as a mentor. Traditionally, mentorship is viewed as a dyadic, face-to-face, long-term relationship between a supervisory adult and a novice student that fosters the mentee’s professional, academic, or personal development. The structure of the mentorship essay may be better suited to support single particular mentoring functions or a desired outcome in the final essay. Also a composition that uses multiple UK mentors may yield into a much more persuasive exposition in which the audience will buy into the writer’s chain of thought.

Buy Critical Evaluation of Mentorship Along with the Essays

Due to the leading difficulty of procuring mentorship advice related to their specific subject or topic of the composition many students opt to buy mentorship essay from UK online sources. Trying to avoid the hassle of having to acquire quality advice on their essays, a majority of students buy essays to end their grievances. Inadvertently, they might just end up submitting an essay, with erroneous advice. Students can buy essays from MHR Writer with extensive reliable advice of experts on the subject of their choosing. A good mentor possesses the following qualities:

  1. Willingness to share knowledge, skills, and expertise.
  2. Displays a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model.
  3. Takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship.
  4. Exhibits enthusiasm in the field.
  5. Values constant learning and growth in the field.
  6. Provides guidance and constructive feedback.
  7. Respected by fellow workers and companions.
  8. Sets and fulfils ongoing personal and professional goals.
  9. Values and respects other people’s opinions and initiatives.
  10. Motivates others by setting a good example.

Mentorship Facilitating the Composition of a UK Merit Essay

A mentoring relationship provides new acquaintances as well as old friends with someone that will share their professional knowledge and expertise in their field. A good mentor is available to answer any questions relevant to their field. You may have to buy time or take an appointment to meet such a renowned personality. Keep in mind that a good mentor mentee relationship is always a two-way street. The essay should be able to portray genuine interest in the assigned subject of the essays, in addition to the advice of the mentor. Following mentorship suggestions and recommendations as well as reading all the pertinent UK literature available in the field, is a good way to show that you are committed to being successful and responsible.

Strategic Mentorship Advice Transcribed in Contents of Essay

From a political standpoint, mentorship is an investment in the future. Having confident, educated, and competent advice to act upon improves the mentee’s stature depending on the nature of the advice. An essay of such type should, ideally be written in the first person. The essays should, in a perfect world, provide all the necessary sources and references of all the quotes and sayings by the respective UK mentors. Do not buy in to the suggestion that the guidance and counselling provided by the mentor need not be constructive. First of all, it should be productive and secondly it should be pertaining to the theme which you were assigned.

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

Whether you’re screaming down a trail on your mountain bike or chilling by a pool, tune do help in making the experience more memorable and fun-but your best outdoor Bluetooth speakers need to be able to take all the beating and still be flexible enough to adapt to the surroundings you’re in. Braven’s Bluetooth Speakers (BRV-PRO) are very sturdy and take on the attitude of any action cam with required ruggedness and an ability to go whatever youdo. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that can do some cool tricks, such as mounting on surfboard and charging from sunlight.


BVRO-PRO come wrapped in aluminum and give a tough look that shows off its durability. It’s available in cyan/silver/red, or black/red. This speaker is IPX7 rated, which means it can easily withstand submersion up to one meter in water for up to 30 minutes. According to Braven, its speakers can handle only rain, splashing, and will work fine for a long time.

At 6.4” X 2.8” X 1.5” and just 23 ounces, the best outdoor bluetooth speaker is bigger and heavier than Bravfen’s BRV-1. Actually, the added depth makes it feel a little too bulky. You won’t be able to carry it for long.

The best outdoor bluetooth speaker features 4 buttons right on the top: volume, powder, play/pause and volume down; for instance, you can simply press and holds up the volume-up button to skip onto the next track, or press and hold volume to go back. All these controls are very helpful if you’re in water and your music source is right on the shore.

In order to safeguard the electronic, Braven has placed many ports behind the caps that secure firmly with latch. Under the cap, there is a battery-life indicator, a USB prot and a micro USB port for charging the battery. The USB prot can easily provide power to other devices.

Nifty Accessories

The extra size of best outdoor bluetooth speaker allows for larger drivers than those of the BRV-1, resulting in better audio quality. But the real benefit over other speakers is its range of accessories which you can add. It comes with a strap that works for fixing the speakers to any tree, but there are many other options sold separately.

At extra price, you can get mount accessory that makes these speakers compatible with mounts used for action cam, so you can secure it to your bike or surfboard. Meanwhile, its solar panels means you won’t run out of power when the sun shines. Its external battery pack is awesome and these add on make it slightly bulkier but still its very light.


The best outdoor bluetooth speaker (BVR-PRO) delivers great sound for the speaker of this size, though it somewhat lacks deep bass. Its audio quality is nice, and excels at highlighting vocals. However, on bass heavy songs, the Bluetooth speaker lacks the oomph that some other outdoor speakers others can deliver.

It also produces much better treble tones and gets much louder when its in action, which is also a necessity. You’ll notice it maxing out at 90 decibels, but it may somewhat distort its volume.


The best outdoor bluetooth speaker is better than iPhone’s built-in microphone. You’ll have to turn up the speaker to better hear people you’re speaking to, but is a good improvement over the simple phone’s speaker.

Battery Life

The BVR-PRO can paly for full 15 hours on a full charge. So you can play it for hours without worrying about the battery. Accessories can extend its life. Its $50 solar charger can add 25 hours of playtime. It can doubkle up as a 2200mAh external battery. To use it as a battery, you just need to remove its protective lid from the back and connect the USB cable.

Setup and Range

You can pair it quickly with Android devices and iOS. To get the speaker up and running, you need to hold its play button down to place it in pairing mode. It has a wireless range of up to 100 feet which is sufficient for your needs. Its signals are quite strong up to 75 feet. Though you won’t get any app or innovative sound controls beyond volume. This means the device can control all audio quality.

Bottom Line

If you lead an active life, and want music with you everywhere, the best outdoor bluetooth speaker BVN-PRO is the best choice as it is durable, affordable and waterproof. It can easily get loud to be heard outside. It offers you an attractive mix of expandability and ruggedness through its accessories.

Movavi Photo Studio Review

Time is an ever flowing river, which has no stop. But there is one good thing about a photograph. A photograph is the pause button of life. It is something that permanently capturers a moment lost and makes it stand still for forever. From birth to first day at the school to the graduation ceremony and all other landmarks of life, are evidently saved as storyteller of our entire life time in the form of photographs. With the very arrival of social networking, pioneers in the technology of photography and their utility in all personal and professional phases of life makes it thus important that these moments cherished and important are well presented in the best of their forms. For meeting the purpose of customization and galvanizing the picture as per one’s own wish and will, a very intriguing and powerfully stable photo editing software thus becomes the moments call.

To fulfil such demand Movavi has come up with Movavi Photo Studio, photo editing software which is abundant in features that have a purpose to satisfy the demand of the buyer, making an ordinary picture appear as a mesmerizing one. The photo editing software prioritizes the acquaintance with the user in order to bring out the best of its use as a photo editing software. Magic Enhance, automated color correction and many other features are few of its features which can be well utilized in order to make the editing smooth and running. The elating quality of the photo editing software is that it allows one to work with numerous photograph formats in very simple manner not requiring much scratching of head or expert calibration, but the exciting thing is that the results yielded are indeed up to the professional mark. Easy editing and that too without any prerequisite for its use.

The software has a user interface, easy and appealing, allowing user to make the full use of it without baffling to the methodology of use. Also it is easy to upload, edit and save the project. But few of the catchy features of Movavi Photo Studio that draw attention are.

  • The color correction tools allow the vivid editing of the picture, including all the shades of combinations to bring the best out of a picture in terms of color.
  • It also tends to compress the pictures that might be occupying too much space on your PC without any alteration in quality whatsoever.
  • Background removal feature is one of the few things which has been made an easier five step process in the photo editing software of Movavi.
  • There are plenty of stylish overlays and effects.
  • It is easy and simpler process in Movavi photo editing software to make basic changes such as resizing, crop, rotate, flip, level etc.
  • All the unwanted objects in the picture that might be ruining the aesthetics of the click can be removed without any trace of glitch over the edited picture whatsoever.
  • Personalization by captions can also be done in a way artistic way due to variety in typography.
  • Slide show making is creative and easy.

All these features along with abundantly many make this software convenient enough to be purchased and utilized on a very daily basis.