6 Top Advantages of Choosing Ezee Hosting

Ezee Hosting, based in the United Kingdom, has over 20 years of experience in the provision of web hosting services in Europe. By now you already heard of Ezee Hosting from a service offered to you, through a friend or on the internet. Our dominance in the UK hosting due to our highly experienced staff has enabled to expand through digital and website development. We implement an app development strategy clearly based on cutting-edge technologies in which every user will fall in love with!

Do you want to host your website, blog? Do you need a customized domain? You just landed into the dream web-hosting service you’ve been expecting! We give the best data handling services.

Ezee Hosting as the best choice, it accrues many goodies for our clients – both large to medium and small business enterprises.

  • Get a Free SSL certificate

Do you want full protection? Then here you go. The special Ezee Hosting packages are inclusive of an SSL certificate for your website – without any charges whatsoever. SSL is a great benefit to you by encrypting sensitive information, providing an always up authentication thus a secured network. It is implying that your website has protection through upholding user management and privacy all to achieve data integrity. The https:// tag that will appear on browsers clearly shows your customers your website is well secured – all is good.

  • Enjoy Optimised WordPress hosting

We provide a smooth Word Press hosting experience through giving users a 1-click WordPress script installation at signup; also have a variety of WordPress templates where you can select best for your website. Also, our SSD UK based servers provide a full feature hosting platform for popular content management systems such as Joomla & Magneto. Speed is key; our servers are optimized being 24 times as compared to another web hosting service right here in the UK.

  • Daily backups for continuous data flow

Ezee Hosting will ultimately offer 24/7 support to give continuous data backups. The regular backups usually run at night so that you can restore all the website information, accounts, files and emails. This way you can always go back to retrieve or reference some info in the past.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

Have you ever wished for top speeds, with high refresh rates?  This sounds great, right? Ezee has its hosting servers up scaled for to handle colossal data-transfer. Unlimited bandwidth now makes it possible to download or even upload as many huge files as possible for your website!

  • FREE WHM & cPanel migrations

When you request for a cPanel web hosting services, we transfer your existing cPanel accounts, SSL certificates, user interface themes, backups, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and the primary server IP address all done without additional cost! Our schedules are convenient with us depending on the day or time that works for you.

  • 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee

You can’t miss this! At Ezee, our service level agreement offers a website owner a 99.99% uptime guarantee – very standard indeed. Our servers are reliable all over Europe as well as the UK; we promise to put your website online at all times, without downtime in any.

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