A brief Discussion on Virtual Offices

If you are an entrepreneur running your business from home and want to project the image of a serious organization you should consider hiring the services of a virtual office.

And perception does matter to your clients.

Right now Birmingham is becoming a hub for renewed business activity.

In particular, Colmore Row – the heart of Birmingham’s business district – is undergoing a facelift. As the Colmore Row district gets more attention from new and established businesses, having a virtual office in Birmingham will lend an aura of prestige and open up new avenues of revenue.

What Exactly Does A Virtual Office In Birmingham Provide?

With a virtual office in Birmingham you get the services of an office without the actual physical space.

Your clients get impression that you have a fully-fledged office located in Birmingham, when in reality you are simply hiring the bits you need for a fraction of the normal overhead costs.

Why Have A Virtual Office Address In Birmingham?

Addresses matter!

It pays to have a prestigious address to your name when building a reputation for your business. This applies both offline and within Google search results

Your clients, suppliers and prospects are boosted by the shiny Birmingham address and also get easy access to a thriving community of businesses already in the area.

And Birmingham – in particular Colmore Row – offers you all of this. Virtually.

Colmore Row has received much attention as an exciting location for some of Birmingham’s – and the UK’s – biggest names.

Colmore Row is the one of the UK’s most highly thought of addresses. Surrounded by investors, banks, insurers and successful creatives, the district benefits from being at the epicentre of Birmingham’s business world.

With a virtual office meeting rooms and office space are available when needed. Administrative tasks are outsourced to trained professionals.

With a virtual office your business and employees can be located anywhere and still be part of the heart of the Birmingham business community.

How Does A Virtual Office In Birmingham Work?

Really how you use virtual office services depends on your business’ needs.

You can go the route of getting a prestigious Birmingham business address and telephone number with a virtual receptionist who can answer your calls in your company name, deal with customer enquiries and forward calls as required.

Or you can hire a virtual PA who can provide full business admin support and then also get a virtual address in Birmingham with the availability of meeting rooms and conferencing.

Why Do I Need A Virtual Office in Birmingham?

Customers tend to be wary of dealing with a business run from your spare bedroom, kitchen table or garage.

Doesn’t exactly instill confidence or look like you are offering a professional service does it?

Private meeting rooms are essential for confidential discussions. With a virtual office in Birmingham you can In general make customers as comfortable and confident as possible and they will be inspired by your location that they are making the right decision in choosing to do business with your firm.

The Practicalities Of A Virtual Office in Birmingham

You can hire a virtual office in Birmingham Virtual office by the month or other time frames.

It is best to think about what services you are going to need and choose a Birmingham virtual office service firm that can offer all of them. It will be easier to manage in this manner.

 If you need meeting rooms, visit the building yourself first and consider what initial impression it will create for clients.

The last thing you want is a huge sign tacked on the outside of the building saying “serviced offices” or “meeting rooms for hire”.

Ideally you want a discreet, unbranded building at a good address which really does look like it could be a proper office block in Colmore Row.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Birmingham Virtual Office

You will want to thoroughly research your options first and try before you buy as not all virtual office services are the same.

Don’t be seduced by price – it should never be the overriding factor in making your decision.

One way to get a good idea of how good a virtual office service is, is to pay particular attention to the telephone answering service. This will be your customer’s first point of contact with your business – and first impressions count.

If you can get a personal recommendation all the better.

Virtual Office Contracts

Don’t cement yourself into a long contract – even if you are offered a discounted rate.

Remember, the whole point about virtual offices is that they are a flexible option.

Your business needs are likely to change as your business grows.

Who knows – your virtual office in Birmingham may well become a permanent physical location in Colmore Row. Or you may want to “locate” to the next up and coming business district.

How Much Does A Virtual Office in Birmingham Cost?

You can get a virtual office in Birmingham from a few pounds a month – of course depending on what services you require.

A Birmingham Virtual Office – The Place To Be 

Remote working with collaborative technology has allowed for businesses in the 21st century to seemingly be everywhere at once.

This latest interest in Birmingham which also includes improved transport links and pedestrian accessibility provides businesses the ability to enjoy a prestigious address without the traditional physical or cost-based limitations.

Birmingham is the place to be no matter where you’re working from.

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