Attention Parents! 5 Baby Monitor Safety Tips You Should Take Care Of!

A Baby – The bundle of happiness even brings lots of responsibilities to take care of. Fortunately, a baby monitor is available and thankfully reduces a little amount of stress.   With a baby monitor, you can hear at the time when your angel or superhero needs to be fed, changed or cuddled. Moreover, the video monitor even allows you to see your child without waking her.

The other side of the coin includes the safety issues that come along with the new addition to the household. The companies usually market this device to parents, so it’s important that they are being used correctly.

These tips for using a baby monitor will help to keep your baby, and your home, safe.

Keep The Monitor Out of the crib :

Babies should be wrapped with security! Every little care should be taken for the safety of the little angel.  You have everything for your baby – the crib, the changing table, the baby monitor and much more. But is your baby monitor online kept in a safe place? Is the cord placed near the crib? Make sure that you never place a monitor inside the crib or on its edge. No matter your baby is mobile or standing, ensure to –

  • Make use of wireless baby monitor in order to stay away from risk of strangulation
  • Verify that the cords which are corded on monitor are away from your baby

Prevent strangulation :

Babies usually manage to wrap up the electrical cords around their necks. So place the transmitter at least three feet away from play yard, bassinet or crib. The common evil is window blind cords which are within baby’s reach. The cords of other electronics or the décor with ribbon may also be a risk.

In order to prevent strangulation, you need to follow these guidelines –

  • Without any delay, check the placement of all monitors and other electronic cords, included the dangling wires mounted on a wall and make sure they are out of your children’s reach.

Attach The Plug In A Dump & Dry Place :

Another essential aspect to take care of is – don’t randomly plug in a baby monitor where the plug could get damp or wet.

Protect Your Privacy :

Do you know that the baby monitors are being hacked up? Yes! The web-connected video monitors can be hacked. Lots of cases are reported where the hackers speak to parents and babies with the help of this monitor, or can easily control the cameras. In case if you are utilising a monitor that links to the Internet, ensure to create strong passwords for your home network and baby monitor.

Don’t have a false sense of security :

The parenting experts usually guide the parents that – no matter a parent can hear or see the baby doesn’t mean he/she is safe. Certainly, using a monitor won’t protect a baby from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You can protect SIDS, not through audio or video, but you need to follow American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. The guidelines include putting the baby down to sleep on her back, keeping pillows, bumpers, soft toys and other such loose items out of the crib. Dress her in one-piece sleeper than using blankets.

At the end, I again want to repeat that keep the baby monitor away from the child to save the little angel and hero away from risks. Protect the little star from every hazard and make your day by watching them safe.

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