The iPhone 5 the most anticipated update from Apple which is to be released sooner than originally scheduled. The demand and the excitement for this phone has increased dramatically and still the developers are in the stage of inventing new applications and come up with few more apps helpful for the users. Apple has always taken the maximum opportunity to make its applications easy to explore and run in market frequently.

Apple provides helpful built-in tools for effective business purposes and to get organized with different apps provided by the third party apps.

The iPhone 5 has had the top business applications made available for it, such as:

  • Genuine Scan: Businesses usually require a vast set of documents to be carried around while traveling and need to maintain complete track of them. Whereas Genuine Scan is basically an iPhone camera which allows you to scan small documents and forward them on an e-mail. The basic, simple version of Genuine Scan is free, whereas the full version costs up to $2.99 and this version can be compatible with Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote.
  • Dragon Dictation: This app makes turns your voice memos into text. This also helps in upgrading Facebook, Twitter profiles or even composes a text messages or an email.
  • Dropbox: The online storage and synchronization of files can be done through It’s given the popular online storage title where we can access a maximum of 2GB and the synchronization of files can be accessed between two computers or any IOS devices.
  • Voice brief: Voice brief can be useful for all business professionals. This application is a text-to-voice process where it can read text documents out aloud; including any stock marketing strategies, latest quote and many more business related work. Through this app you can even get the feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

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