Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

Whether you’re screaming down a trail on your mountain bike or chilling by a pool, tune do help in making the experience more memorable and fun-but your best outdoor Bluetooth speakers need to be able to take all the beating and still be flexible enough to adapt to the surroundings you’re in. Braven’s Bluetooth Speakers (BRV-PRO) are very sturdy and take on the attitude of any action cam with required ruggedness and an ability to go whatever youdo. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that can do some cool tricks, such as mounting on surfboard and charging from sunlight.


BVRO-PRO come wrapped in aluminum and give a tough look that shows off its durability. It’s available in cyan/silver/red, or black/red. This speaker is IPX7 rated, which means it can easily withstand submersion up to one meter in water for up to 30 minutes. According to Braven, its speakers can handle only rain, splashing, and will work fine for a long time.

At 6.4” X 2.8” X 1.5” and just 23 ounces, the best outdoor bluetooth speaker is bigger and heavier than Bravfen’s BRV-1. Actually, the added depth makes it feel a little too bulky. You won’t be able to carry it for long.

The best outdoor bluetooth speaker features 4 buttons right on the top: volume, powder, play/pause and volume down; for instance, you can simply press and holds up the volume-up button to skip onto the next track, or press and hold volume to go back. All these controls are very helpful if you’re in water and your music source is right on the shore.

In order to safeguard the electronic, Braven has placed many ports behind the caps that secure firmly with latch. Under the cap, there is a battery-life indicator, a USB prot and a micro USB port for charging the battery. The USB prot can easily provide power to other devices.

Nifty Accessories

The extra size of best outdoor bluetooth speaker allows for larger drivers than those of the BRV-1, resulting in better audio quality. But the real benefit over other speakers is its range of accessories which you can add. It comes with a strap that works for fixing the speakers to any tree, but there are many other options sold separately.

At extra price, you can get mount accessory that makes these speakers compatible with mounts used for action cam, so you can secure it to your bike or surfboard. Meanwhile, its solar panels means you won’t run out of power when the sun shines. Its external battery pack is awesome and these add on make it slightly bulkier but still its very light.


The best outdoor bluetooth speaker (BVR-PRO) delivers great sound for the speaker of this size, though it somewhat lacks deep bass. Its audio quality is nice, and excels at highlighting vocals. However, on bass heavy songs, the Bluetooth speaker lacks the oomph that some other outdoor speakers others can deliver.

It also produces much better treble tones and gets much louder when its in action, which is also a necessity. You’ll notice it maxing out at 90 decibels, but it may somewhat distort its volume.


The best outdoor bluetooth speaker is better than iPhone’s built-in microphone. You’ll have to turn up the speaker to better hear people you’re speaking to, but is a good improvement over the simple phone’s speaker.

Battery Life

The BVR-PRO can paly for full 15 hours on a full charge. So you can play it for hours without worrying about the battery. Accessories can extend its life. Its $50 solar charger can add 25 hours of playtime. It can doubkle up as a 2200mAh external battery. To use it as a battery, you just need to remove its protective lid from the back and connect the USB cable.

Setup and Range

You can pair it quickly with Android devices and iOS. To get the speaker up and running, you need to hold its play button down to place it in pairing mode. It has a wireless range of up to 100 feet which is sufficient for your needs. Its signals are quite strong up to 75 feet. Though you won’t get any app or innovative sound controls beyond volume. This means the device can control all audio quality.

Bottom Line

If you lead an active life, and want music with you everywhere, the best outdoor bluetooth speaker BVN-PRO is the best choice as it is durable, affordable and waterproof. It can easily get loud to be heard outside. It offers you an attractive mix of expandability and ruggedness through its accessories.

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