Now that the kids are on vacation you will have to get ways to make them busy and at the same time make sure that they enjoy their holiday. Getting your child to stay in the house can be difficult especially if he is the kind who likes to move around. However, you should not worry as there are many application games that you can buy for your child to keep him in the house.
The most important thing is for you to first find out what is on the market and what most kids enjoy playing. Since you will be selecting a game for your child, do not choose that something that you would personally enjoy because chances are that he will not like it. You can ask the salesperson to help you choose as he or she will be in a better position to know what your child would enjoy depending on his age and sex.

As much as you are selecting games for your child you might want to get them something that will not only be entertaining but educative as well. Get them something that will keep their minds active and something that will challenge them. Some of the best games include:
· Bonsai Blast, the games is very good especially for those who like puzzle games. Your child will enjoy the game and learn some new vocabulary as well.
· World of Goo, is an application that is specifically designed for people who love physics. What you are required to do is connect the goo balls and build a structure. The game enhances creativity and can even change your child’s attitude towards physics as a subject.
Other games include wipe out, draw breaker, and so many more.
You could also look for games that require multi players. That way, if you have more than one child, they can play against themselves or with friends or even online. Playing games is healthy for your child but you have to set a limit. Do not let your child spend the entire day sitting in front of a computer.
Most parents save a fortune just by applying for the tax credit. You can use a little of that saved money to buy a few applications for your child this vacation. If you don’t receive any tax credits it is high time that you visit the local office or get the tax credits phone number to enquire more about the exemption.
As much as we want our kids to enjoy their vacation playing games in the house, it is also a good idea that you let them help around with the household chores as well. Don’t do everything by yourself in the house allocate some duties like making their beds, sweeping the carpet, washing dishes and so on to your children. Let them also go outside and play with friends, walk the dog or do any physical activity. It is not healthy for children to spend the entire day just sitting down. Playing outside or taking walks will help them become more fit and active.

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