Choosing the Best Hand Dryer

Whether you manage a small office building or a multi-storey commercial space, part of your job involves outfitting the washrooms with equipment such as hand dryers. When you are looking to replace your old hand dryers or upgrade your washrooms by adding hand dryers, there are numerous options available.

It can be overwhelming to sort through the brands, costs, and benefits of each model. Fortunately, when you work with a direct supplier you can not only count on getting a great deal, but you can rely on the expertise of knowledgeable agents. Choosing the right company gives you access to great customer service to allow you to pick the perfect hand dryer.

Types of Hand Dryers

While there are many ways to categorise all the available options to make the selection process easier, the most helpful strategy is to divide by price. Budget hand dryers are on the lower end of the price scale and are usually utilitarian in nature. A budget dryer is a good choice for a small washroom that gets little use and where style isn’t a concern. The most important factor for a budget dryer is that it works consistently and quickly, so people will choose to use it instead of expensive paper towels.

The next level up is performance dryers, which are designed to last through heavy usage and perform efficiently. These dryers cost more than those in the budget category, but with their high-efficiency designs and good warranties, they are a smart choice for washrooms that get frequent use. For projects where style is paramount, there are top of the line dryers with beautiful styling, extremely efficient performance, and cutting edge technology to make an impression on your building’s guests.

Why Work with a Direct Provider?

There are several retailers for hand dryers, but working with a direct supplier offers many benefits. You’ll get the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different models from numerous brands. This level of selection means it’s easy to find the perfect hand dryer for every situation. A direct provider is also committed to providing the lowest possible price. You can get a great deal not only on the initial cost, but in choosing an efficient dryer that will keep running costs low.

Another advantage of working with a direct provider is the access to professional expertise. You may have questions about specific hand dryers, or wonder which type is best for your project. You can talk to knowledgeable customer service agents who are extremely well versed in all the available brands, their benefits, and which models offer which features. With this level of customer service, you can trust that you’ll find the very best efficient hand dryer that will fit your washroom.

Hand dryers are necessary for washrooms, especially to reduce the use of expensive and environmentally unfriendly paper towels. There are many types of hand dryers with different styles and costs. Working with a direct buyer will allow you to ask questions so you can find the exact right model of hand dryer. You’ll also save money over traditional retailers, so it’s an ideal way to shop for hand dryers.

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