Common TV Problems That You Need To Understand

If you are having trouble with your TV set, an expensive repair or a costly replacement may not be the only viable option. Many TV problems can be solved with a quick fix and without engaging a repair. Below are four of the most common TV problems and how to solve them before contacting the repairman.

No TV Sound

Commonly, sound problems are also caused by input problems. The main reason for no TV sound is that the sound wire from the cable box or to the speakers may have unexpectedly come loose. If a TV has had power problems, the other probable reason for this problem may be a damage to internal speakers. The power abnormality may have burned-out the speakers. On the other hand, it is also possible that internal audio connections may have come loose or suffered other damages. Notably, most Samsung TV has high-quality speakers which may not be easily affected by poser abnormalities. Additionally, Samsung may have powerful inbuilt fuses which protect power surge problems.

No TV Power

Basically, TV power problems are simply due to a loss of power that was not noticed. The power plug may also be pulled out. Another possibility may be a power strip being switched to off or the circuit breaker tripping. The TV fuse may have burned out.

Vertical Line in Center of the TV Screen

Vertical lines that may appear on the TV screen have three common causes. First, there may simply be a weak input signal which may be emanating from a loose wire or a single bad channel. The second cause may is that some of the pixels on the screen may have died, especially if wires are tight and the line appears on all channels. In this case, there is a solid black line with no flickering light. The pixel problems cannot be repaired and you may just need a new TV screen. The last cause would be attributed to loose circuits and wires inside the TV. The most common sign of this problem is the change in position of the vertical line when the TV is moved or when the TV heats up or cools down.

Horizontal Line on Screen

In most cases, horizontal lines have similar causes as those of vertical lines. If the line is moving up and down, the problem is likely to be the input quality. This is a simple complication that might be fixed by changing the cable box. If the horizontal line is static or flickering, there is probably a hardware problem which may be better addressed by a professional repairer. If your TV cannot be salvaged, consider getting a new set from CompareRaja for a fair price.



Do not be so fast to contact the repairer before you test the troubleshooting procedures listed above. You may be paying a lot of money only to find out that the plug was unplugged from the socket. However, if the steps do not work, feel propelled to consult the repairman or the manufacturer.

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