Curtail Pollution and Cost by Getting an Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner

Electronic appliances are one thing that make you dependant on them. With tough competition around, it gets difficult for us to decide the right AC for our place. However, did you know, AC is responsible for emitting high amount of carbon dioxide in the air? Air conditioning is responsible to emit maximum amount of carbon dioxide which is not only harmful for human beings, but also to plants and animal life.

No wonder global warming is affecting us so badly that climatic change is unpredictable and due to pollution and excessive carbon dioxide, the temperature of earth has also risen. Many countries have put a control on pollution by controlling the usage of machines that emit polluted gas. Brands like LG, Samsung, Kaiser, Lloyd are some that have paid attention in making machines that are environmentally friendly.

People in other countries have started using green air conditioners. They might be expensive initially, but saves lot of electricity cost and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide around. There are so many options available online which you can look into. Even top brands have displayed their energy saving chart to prove how beneficial a green AC can be.

Here are few tips that you can use for environmentally friendly AC –

  • You can add more insulation to your machine, this might be expensive at one time, but will save you lot of money in future.
  • Installing radiant heat barrier that controls heat transfer at least 95%.
  • Installing good ceiling fans can control usage of AC. Ceiling fans spread warm air during winter reducing the consumption of AC and in summer you can set thermostats a little higher.
  • Sealing ducts properly can increase cooling frequency and efficiency. Poorly sealed ducts in garages and attics reduce cooling effect which forces you to use AC for a longer time.
  • Replace old models with highly efficient ACs to control power supply and new thermostats can control cooling options.
  • Buy an AC which is of perfect size for the room. Too small AC for a large room will have to work all day long.
  • If you stay in less humid areas then you can buy evaporative coolers that run on one-tenth of electricity used for an AC.
  • You also get solar energy AC that runs on solar power and electricity used is minimal.

Proper planning is required before purchasing an AC for your home or office. It is better to consult a professional in store or among friends and colleagues, who knows everything about air conditioners.

Not all families have time or money to buy energy efficient air conditioners. However, any decision you make to keep your environment green is not only beneficial but good influence for others. You would realise it yourself that you’ve taken a smart decision once you see savings in electricity cost and maintenance.

Remodelling your old AC to green isn’t difficult. You can contact any smart and experienced service centre and tell them your needs. Even an eco friendly consulting firm can help you in the best manner.

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