Difference Between LED TV and LCD TV

Television sets are one of the most important appliances of modern homes. Earlier it was only CRT television sets in the market and people bought TVs based on the screen size and brand names. Now there are different types of TVs available based on the various technologies such as CRT, LCD, LED, OLED, Curved LED, Smart, HD, Full HD and 3D TVs. Based on your budget you can go for the TV of your choice. CRT, LCD and LED TVs are more economical as compared to other technology TVs. If you are planning to buy a TV and wondering what is the difference between LCD and LED TV then this article is for you. Here we are going to discuss about LCD and LED TVs and what are the difference they have.

What is LCD TV

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is the advance technology then CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs. In this technology the television screen which is known as display is made of liquid crystal gel that is placed between the polarized glass panes. LCD technology helps reduce in physical depth of the television display that affects the overall TV depth as compared to the CRT TVs.

The picture resolution of LCD TVs is also higher as compared to CRT TVs. Fluorescent tubes are used to light the screen of LCD TVs as the LCD TVs technology does not create its own light like Plasma TVs technology.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. TVs that use Light Emitting Diode technology to light the screen are known as LED TVs. These TVs are advance version of LCD TVs technology where a series of light emitting diodes are used to light the screen instead of fluorescent tubes as in the case of LCD technology TVs. Based on the display type the LED TVs are further divided into three parts:

  1. White Edge LED:

White Edge Light Emitting Diodetechnology uses a distinct diffusion panel. It also has white LEDs placed at the edges of the display screen that helps disperse light equally behind the LED television screen.

  1. Full LED Arrays:

In this type of display method Light Emitting Diodearrays are positionedjust behind the television screen. These LED arrays collectively control the dispersion of light behind the television screen.

  1. Local Dimming LED:

In this style of display method an array of dynamic Light Emitting Diodes are rather collectively or individually controlthe dispersion of lightbehind the television screen to obtain an evenly adjusted light pattern.

With the further development in LED technology we are now witnessing a surge of advanced technologies such as  OLED television sets, Curved LED television sets, Smart LED television sets, High definition LED television sets, Full high definition television sets and 3D LED television sets.

Based on the above differences what we can say is that LED TVs are advance version of LCD TVs that offers better picture quality as compared to LCD so if your budget permits then it is better to buy latest led tv technology.


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