Five Benefits of Using Veterinary Software Management System

A busy veterinary medical practice needs to have an efficient method for keeping track of their records. An efficient system will help schedule patients, keep track of treatments, and help with billing. Here are five benefits of a good software management system.

Practice Scheduling

Instead of keeping track of appointments on a paper schedule, a software management system will help eliminate the errors of double-booking times or overbooking dates, keeping the flow of patients manageable. When patients need to cancel appointments, the appointment calendar will no longer get messy with crossed-out names so rebooking the time is easier to do. In addition to appointments, the scheduling feature can help keep track of the boarding schedule to prevent overcrowding the kennel.

Maintain Patient Billing

It is easier to keep track of billing and payments for patients on a software management system. When the patient enters the office, his or her treatment, the supplies used, and the doctor’s time can be recorded on the system and the itemised bill can be added to his or her account. When he or she pays the bill, it can also be recorded so you know what each patient owes to the practice and the office can send out invoices and patient reminders to those who may be behind on their accounts.

Tracks Inventory

When supplies are taken from inventory for patient treatments, a veterinary software management system can be set up to automatically deduct them from current inventory. This helps the office manager know what levels supplies are at so they can be ordered before they run out. Automatic tracking of supplies is more efficient than hand counting, especially in a busy practice where such tasks can sometimes be pushed to the side when it’s busy.

Patient Messaging

Some software management systems are able to automatically send out appointment reminders to patients via email or text messages so they don’t forget appointments or scheduled visits by their veterinarian. The reminders can be sent out in enough time that appointments can be cancelled if necessary and sent out again the day before the appointment. The system can also cancel reminders for patients who are no longer at the practice or who are deceased.

Easier Accounting

Most software management systems help businesses keep track of their expenses and payments so it is easier to see where the money is going. In addition, most of them also integrate payroll so it is easier to pay staff and it is automatically accounted for in the practice’s ledger. By closely keeping track of expenses, the office manager and practice owners can more accurately make decisions about increasing the budget where it is needed and eliminating costs that are detrimental to the practice.

With the integration ability of most software management systems, invoices, payments, and other outgoing mail to patients and suppliers are easier to generate. The system can use the address information in the system to print letters and envelopes. By using a software management system, a veterinarian’s office can be more organised and efficient than ever before.

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