Five Tips for Selecting Maintenance Management Software for Your Business

No matter what industry your business is in, if you develop or design products, you need to be able to manage and allocate resources such as money, time, and people. There are many management software systems on the market designed to help with maintaining your equipment, but the choices can be overwhelming. However, you can use these five tips to help you select the best software for your company’s needs.

Prioritise Software Requirements

Chances are, there will be several people using the maintenance management software you select for your business. Gather these people together to find out what they expect from the software, what is needed, and what software problems should be addressed. Also, look at some of the other software solutions used by your company to see if the maintenance management software being considered offers integrations so multiple programs don’t have to be used.

Due Diligence

Once you have a list of requirements and wants, start researching software solutions for your company. Use software review sites to form a list of possible solutions, then go down the list and pull up each website to read more about them. Each website will give more complete information, show screenshots of the software, and include the company’s contact information to call to ask questions about how their software can meet your needs.

Narrow Your Choices

After doing some research, meet with your team again about the information you were able to compile about possible software solutions. Go over each system on the list, lay out the strong points and how they can help meet your company’s needs, but also mention the weaknesses you’ve found. By doing this, you can narrow your choices to a few solutions, like the CMMS system.

Ask for Demonstrations

After you’ve narrowed the list, call those companies back and ask them to set up demonstrations of their software on your computer system. Most software companies will give businesses a 15- to 30-day trial run, train users on how to use the software, and customise it for their needs. Everyone who will be using the software should be able to log on to it to try it out during the trial period.

Make a Selection

Once the team has tried a system, gather them to go over it and create a list of pros and cons. Then, when every solution has been tried, have a final meeting to go over the choices. Compare the options to each other and select the software system that best meets your company’s needs. While everyone using the system should have a say in the selection, the department who will use it the most should be allowed the final word.

When you contact the company with the software solution your company has chosen, don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. Most companies won’t expect clients to pay full retail, especially if they are large corporations with whom they may do a substantial amount of business. Also, make sure your contract includes installation and training for everyone using the software.


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