Founders of Google and Alphabet Visit Singapore

What Does Google and Singapore have in common?  Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  In early August, the pair of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs made their way to Singapore for their first official visit.  The purpose was to discuss the development history of Singapore and learn more about it.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin met with the Deputy Minister of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam at the National Gallery.  Prior to starting Google, the two had met while PhD students at Stanford University.  The Port of Singapore and the URA City Gallery were also visited by the two as a part of their tour.

A Welcome Arrival

Mr. Yeoh Keat Chuan, who is the managing director of the Economic Development Board (EDB) welcomed their arrival.  Working closely with Google for some time, the two groups have worked to strengthen the engineering talent and infrastructure growth of the city.  Expanding beyond that, Mr. Yeoh Keat Chuan pointed to the arrival of two of the Google founders as a sign of continued interest and expansion in Singapore and the surrounding region.

Singapore has already seen the benefit from this union, including an emphasis on improving the city’s digital skills.  Helping to create a digital marketplace as well as expand market analytics, Singapore has been placed at the center of future tech innovation in the area.

A Benefit That Goes Both Ways

The coming of Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Singapore is an example of interest that exists between the American based company and Singapore.  Providing Google with opportunities in the South East market, the company has a great deal to gain by working closely with Singapore.  At the same time, Singapore gains the skills and expertise of a company that is leading the industry in terms of innovation and creative potential.

While many may see this as a surface level visit and nothing more, the significance is pretty important.  It represents a growing connection between Silicon Valley and Singapore.  It highlights the interest Western tech companies have in going east, and the important role that Singapore plays in that.  It also helps to illustrate the role that Singapore has played, providing open arms to foreign companies when other markets have proven to meet business with hurdles and policies designed to protect local companies.  While officials from Singapore were more than willing to talk about the encounter between the Google founders and Singapore officials, Google itself did not comment further on the meetings that were held.

Speculation & Future Markets

From he movements of both companies, it is easy to see Google and Singapore becoming closer.   In August 2015, Google announced that it was going through the process of re-organizing its interests.  This included the creation of a holding company named Alphabet where Google was the primary leading subsidiary.  This move hints towards future changes in the structure of Google, potentially leading to moves that expand the versatility and imprint of Google on the global scale.  For Singapore, it has never been a better time to be an internationally recognized hub of business.

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