Free Antivirus Apps On Google Play

As we all know that the changing technology sets up the latest trend in the market. If we talk about technology, there are vast changes in last few years, people are no more interested in using computers, they are moving towards tablets and other gadgets that they can use anytime of the day and at any place. There are many companies which are working hard to create games and application that can help people in fulfilling their desire instantly. When companies are working hard for betterment of products, there are many spammers as well who are similarly working on creating applications that can harm your gadget easily. You cannot judge which the spammer’s application is and which the correct application to download is. The moment you download the application, your tablet will be affected by virus. That not only hampers your work but also harms your tablet.

What is the best way to save our tablet from getting effected by virus? This is the question that comes in everyone’s mind when we think about getting a new tablet or while downloading any application. Well, now you don’t have to worry at all, there are many companies who are working hard to provide you applications that can help you save your tablet from virus. Some of the best free applications for Anti-Virus are:

1. Norton Anti-Virus: Norton is known as one of the best Antivirus software companies constantly working on providing the applications that help you protecting your tablet from virus. Norton provides 24 hours customer service that can help you with any problems with the application. You have to dial Norton phone number provided on their website to get the best out of the product. Norton is one of favourite companies known for antiviruses all across the globe. The best service it provides is the tracking of your tablet when it is lost. With Norton you can track your tablet on the map and can find who is using it and can get it back easily, that reduces the risk of losing your tablet. Norton is recommended by the millions of people.

2. AVG Antivirus: AVG is another company known for its antiviruses. It provides you to scan your phone easily and remove any kind of malware or virus that can harm your tablet. AVG is rated among the top 10 antiviruses that are available in the market for protection. It can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play.

3. Kaspersky Antivirus: Kaspersky is again one of the Top 10 rated companies that is best in antiviruses and can remove viruses instantly. It is available for free on the App Store of your tablet.

There are many other companies that offer antivirus applications that can protect your tablet from any kind of threat of malwares. Norton is considered as the best when it comes to removing Anti viruses

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