Fuel-Efficient Hybrids – A Great Eco Friendly Tech Choice

For better mileage per gallon and a less significant carbon footprint, car owners are now opting for the alternative – hybrids. These are technological advancements designed for fuel efficiency and less emissions. These cars are friendly both to the environment and the driver’s pocket.

There was a time when hybrid models were scarce, but now there are many to choose from. Automobile manufacturers have followed in the footsteps of pioneers and many now manufacture hybrid automobiles. Consumers are clear about what they want and this demand is being fulfilled by the automotive industry. It all boils down to maximum efficiency. But the industry has already delivered beyond expectations. There are now hybrid buses, trucks, even submarines. Gasoline-electric vehicles are the most common hybrids in the market today. Local car dealerships everywhere now offer very competitive prices for the hybrids in the inventory.

Responsible drivers choose hybrid cars that run on alternative energy sources

When a vehicle is equipped with at least two sources of power for propulsion, it is already classified as a hybrid. HEVs or hybrid-electric vehicles use both electric motors and gasoline engines. There is a measure of flexibility to this arrangement such that they may be configured depending on the goal of the vehicle maker. Hybrids may be designed for fuel economy, more auxiliary power, or increased amount of power. HEVs essentially use a combination of a standard internal combustion engine and one or two (or more) electric motors.

Hybrid technology provides an alternative to the use of fossil fuels to make car engines work. The rechargeable energy storage system used is more efficient. The engine is significantly smaller that weighs less and reduced internal losses. This technology has not only reduced our reliance on traditional fuels, but costs have been cut in many aspects of transportation as well.

Environmental impact

These days, consumers have been made more aware of the impact that human activities have on the environment. The choice of what car to drive is critical in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that have been proven to increase global temperatures to alarming levels. In order to restore the balance, we need to start acting now. The effects of present efforts to correct the wrongs that humankind has inadvertently caused the delicate balance of the Earth will not be felt by this generation. Nevertheless, our children and their children will benefit from the choices made today.

Since we intend to use engines in various modern forms of transportation, it is imperative that alternative sources be found and utilized. Hybrids are playing a significant role in reducing undesirable byproducts of vehicle propulsion.

Hybrids are designed for city driving (stop and go traffic) and perform equally well in long distance drives given its huge battery storage capacity. The source of energy is also used efficiently with the mechanism that allows the engine to reuse recaptured energy. Some hybrid vehicles are designed to shut down the engine when the hybrid cars are caught in traffic congestion. Many hybrid models are also designed to be more streamlined and fitted with low resistance tires to minimize drag that the engine would need to overcome so as not to sacrifice speed.

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