Google confirmed the release of the smartphone Pixel 2 until the end of the year

Head of Google device development division Rick Osterlo confirmed that the second generation of Pixel smartphone will be presented before the end of the year known as Google Pixel 2. Top manager said this, communicating with the press during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

At the same time, according to Osterloh, the manufacturer does not intend to change the market positioning of the devices; they will continue to be in the upper price segment. Budget option plans Google Pixel does not have.

Recall, shortly after the appearance on the market Pixel and Pixel XL which appeared in the autumn of 2016, there were rumors that Google will expand in the future lineup at the expense of more affordable versions of these devices. Currently the cheapest option Pixel is sold in the United States for 649 dollars without taxes, the most expensive – 869.

But the new premium Chromebook from Google in the near future should not expect – at least under the brand Pixel. Osterloh to the question whether the search engine plans to make another Pixel, said that “there are no plans right now.” The first device under the brand became Pixel laptop Chromebook Pixel, which was released in 2013. The device, sold for $ 1200, was designed to unleash the potential of Chrome OS operating system on the top-end “hardware”. Two years later it followed Pixel 2 – one of the first commercial products to the ports USB Type-C, which are now widely used in electronics.

Apparently, now under the brand Pixel will leave only smartphones. However, later Osterloh made it clear that Google does not completely abandon laptops – possible, such devices still see the light, though under a different brand. “As for the future of laptops under the Google brand (called Pixel or not), I should clarify that we do not have any plans to discuss at this time”, – he said in comments TechCrunch website.

Google Pixel 2 Price will go higher. Clear information is not there about Google Pixel 2 Price. Price can be increased as expected. This is the price paid for the desire of consumers to receive the thinnest, lightweight, but the long-playing device. However, we believe there exists a considerable number of people who disagree with the justification of such a trend.

Release date

We will probably see Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 (Pixel XXL?) In October. Unfortunately, the price increase may occur in the flagship Pixel 2, at least $ 50, but the version of Pixel 2B will be much cheaper. Keep in mind that Google has a lot of months left before the premiere date, and all of these are subject to change.

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