How a page comparison tool helps in catching copyright infringement

Page comparison happens to be one of the best things that have graced the internet for a long time.It’s 2015 and it seems like originality has gone to take a hike for good. There are tons of innovative ideas on the internet and the internet is one place where your unique ideas don’t go to waste. Although no matter how much you want to stay original, when someone realizes that your innovative idea is worth a lot, they copy it. For every innovative idea on the internet there are thousands of copies. The most common example that you can get are blogs. Each innovative blog post when gets over 50,000 views is known as a unique idea and hence it starts getting copied and copied all over the internet. This continues until there are hundreds and thousands of copies and Google starts identifying all of these as original content as the writers are smart enough to get it checked for plagiarism. In the end, the most innovative and unique content that started this chain goes unrewarded and the blog or website that copied the idea get to be on the top of the SERPs and this is some serious crime.

Originality is something that just can’t be replaced and when even plagiarism checkers start getting fooled from this technique, there is absolutely no way to stop it. However, there are tons of SEO tools that can help out. Yes, that’s right! I’m talking about Page Comparison tools. Page comparison tools are no different from normal plagiarism detection tools the only difference that they face is that plagiarism checkers can easily get fooled by the changing of the sentences, while the page comparison tool cannot be fooled.

The page comparison tool very intelligently detects even the tiniest bit of content from the page to get you the results that you need for proper copyright infringement you can check using this plagiarism checker free online ,this tool by (in case the data is copied). What the page comparison tool does is that it asks you for the URL of both the page that you want to detect and the page that is the original. Next, you have to press the button so that it starts reading the content in both of those pages and by content we mean the content that you see and the content that you don’t see. The page comparison tool inserts the header title, the Meta tags and everything there is in a page to the detection process. This helps it in determining if the page seriously has copied the work of another page or not. And the higher the similarities in content, the more chances of you being framed through copyright infringement. With the help of this amazing page comparison tool you can claim your work to reach the top of the SERPs. You can get this tool for free and even in paid versions.  Even the free versions are great but the premium versions sometimes unlock extra features that you might need.

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