As Geelong website design experts, we often deal with clients who’ve never seen results come from their landing pages. There are many reasons why a landing page design could flop, but the design is a factor that’s easiest to fix. If you’re dealing with an underperforming website landing page or want to ensure your next page gets it right, here’s what to pay attention to.

1. Is your landing page being tracked?

To see where you’re going wrong or getting it right you need to track what people do when they arrive on your landing page. Are they immediately leaving? Do they linger on the page but don’t act? Do they complete a contact form? The results here will help fine-tune your efforts.

2. Does your landing page have a single clear CTA?

You can’t fault visitors for not doing what you want them to do if you aren’t telling them. Your page should have a single, clear Call To Action that tells the person on the page precisely what they need to do and why – for example, “CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE” or “CALL ME BACK TODAY”.

3. Is your landing page mobile-friendly?

There’s a good chance that a potential customer will access your website for the first time on a mobile device after Googling a search term. Will they be able to read your copy clearly and navigate from page to page easily? A customer who can easily contact you via a mobile device is more likely to follow through with a purchase.

4. Does your landing page utilise targeted long tail/local keywords?

It’s not enough to tell a customer that you offer a product or service. After all, dozens of other businesses online offer the same thing. Narrow down your keywords to long tail and local ones, and you’ll get fewer hits, but more accurate ones. Local keywords can include your neighbourhood or areas you service, and long-tailed keywords cover specific things you offer that others don’t, such as “vegan cooking lessons for busy parents”.

Great website design requires a professional designer as well as input from copywriting and SEO experts to succeed. It’s why you should choose Geelong web design company Pixelfire that can offer excellent service that includes this.

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