How to best use a virtual office

When you’re an owner of a small business, it’s often the case that you run it from your home. Whether it be a spare room you’ve converted into an office or a drafty lofty conversion. Using a virtual office instantly makes your small business look the part. The services a virtual office provide include answering telephone calls, mail forwarding and other general admin tasks such as scheduling appointments. It’s important to make the most of your virtual office for it to really earn it’s keep – This guide will tell you how.

Use your virtual office as your business address

When you work from home it’s often hard to separate home life from your work life. Using your virtual office as your business address alleviates these issues. A business address creates a superb initial impression of your business to potential clients. Primarily because customers will associate it with this highly regarded location. A further benefit of having a business address is that it will help to put your business firmly on the map and in time give it a national presence, which will benefit you greatly if you want to widen your potential audience base.

Get virtual team

Using a virtual office as opposed to renting an incredibly expensive plot in the city will be much more cost effective in the long run. You will also save a considerable amount of money as you will not need to hire full time employees who would require an hourly wage, sick pay and all the other outlays that come with hiring full time staff. As your virtual assistant or receptionist is a contractor, they will be responsible for providing their own equipment, another cost you will not have to worry about. Instead you will pay a monthly fee which will have be agreed.

Local SEO benefits

With a virtual office space, you can claim a location for your business without actually setting up a physical office space. This can be extremely beneficial for local SEO purposes. If you want your business to rank for certain local search terms, yet don’t have a physical location, then you’ll want a virtual office solution that gives you an address and phone number.

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