Gone are the days when books were the only source of knowledge. With the advent of internet, any information is just a click away. As per the data of the International Telecommunication union, 2013, 39% of the world’s total population is using internet.

Earlier the dial up connections were the only option where the telephone lines are used to communicate with the Internet Service provider. But after the high speed broadband connections have been launched and have become affordable, it is gaining tremendous popularity. The main advantage of the broadband connection is the speed. In a broadband connection the minimum speed is 256kbps, whereas the maximum speed of a dial up connection is 56 kbps.

There are various types of broadband connections and has many service providers that offer you the facility. The broadband choice varies as per the requirement of the user. Some users may need fixed connection. In case of such users the broadband choice would be cable broadband. There may be some users who need mobile broadband connection. There are also a few internet users whose broadband choice is satellite broadband. These are users that need secure connections to even remote areas. But the number of such users is far less than the other two types of users.

For choosing the broadband service provider for either cable or mobile broadband, one must keep a number of factors in mind.

Assess your usage before making a broadband choice to know what kind of package is suitable to your need. Some users may make broadband choice by going for unlimited connection and go on paying extra amounts to the service providers for years. If you are not likely to use the internet for long hours and not expecting high volume downloads, it is wise to go for fixed size plans. For a domestic user who mainly uses the internet to surf and check mails, 1 GB plan is good enough. Whereas for users who wish to download heavy materials like movies and games, one must go for either hourly based rates or unlimited connection plans.

Never consider speed as the only option for making the broadband choice. Most of the times, a very high speed is not even required. The broadband service providers generally try to allure you by offering very high speed connections. For a user who uses internet for watching online videos, uploading pictures along with regular internet surfing, a speed of 8 mbps is enough. Only users working on very demanding applications or downloading videos regularly, a speed of more than 8 mbps is required.

The area you live in is an important factor while making a broadband choice. Some operators may have selected plans available for rural areas and a variety of plans for the urban area user. Make a study of the broadband service providers available in your area before making a choice. Some providers may not have sufficient infrastructure in rural areas and availability of the connection may be an issue in such cases.

Check if you need to club phone or digital TV deals with the broadband plan. There are lot of service providers who will give you a good deal if you want to merge your requirements.

Keep an eye on the various schemes offered by the service providers from time to time. In the competitive market, most broadband service providers allow you to switch between plans from time to time. While making a broadband choice, always ensure that the service provider has a variety of plans, which will enable you to shift between plans conveniently.

Last but not the least, note the software and hardware requirement. Ensure that security suites are included in the package. If any hardware requirement is there, ask your service provider to provide it with nominal cost.

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