How to choose a smartphone?

What smartphone to buy? This question is of current interest as it is a very complex task with a huge variety of mobile phones on the market. There are so many opportunities to modernize your smartphone or to buy your first one with a great variety of platforms (Android, Simbian, Windows Phone 7).

It is easy to feel confused with dozens of smartphones. To make your choice easier we will try to help you answer a few questions. Our tips will help you facilitate your selection of a suitable smartphone for your needs and budget.

Which operating system is right for you?

For example, you decided to buy Blackberry 9900. It is a very good choice because BlackBerry  operating system which  was originally designed to target mobile operators has dramatically expanded its appeal.


  • Ace battery;
  • Secure and fast e-mail;
  • The new OS which accelerates browser’s work;
  • Better integration in social networks;
  • The universal search function and messages.

Top models:

Blackberry 9900

BlackBerry Bold 9650.

There are a lot of platforms: Android, BlackBerry, IOS, WebOS and Windows Phone 7, each of which is good in its own way.


Created by Google, this OS has become very popular, due to a wide variety of devices and the rapidly growing choice of applications (many of them are free).


  • Customizable displays of the home page, a variety of widgets;
  • Integration with social networks for contacts, content sharing;
  • The first to support 4G;
  • Android Market is now growing rapidly: more than 200 000 applications;
  • Support for Google Apps;

Android Top models:

Samsung Captivate

HTC 4G Evo, Samsung Epic 4G.

Unprecedented integration of Apple’s hardware and software as well as a huge number of applications and accessories have made the platform very popular.


  • Easy to use interface;
  • Many applications and high quality service;
  • ITunes makes it easy to buy apps, movies, music, books, and more in one place;
  • Unbeatable Hardware.

IOS top choice:

iPhone 4.

Windows 7 Phone

The popularity of the new interface and emphasis on the flow of information makes this OS a tempting choice for novice owners of smartphones.


  • Labels on the main screen allow quick access to information;
  • You can attach almost everything on the main screen;
  • Great interface;
  • Microsoft Office, Xbox Live and Zune integration;
  • Good selection of applications for the new operating system.

WP7 Top choice:

Samsung Focus



To make the best choice we recommend you to visit Kijiji to compare smartphone prices. If you hesitate what smartphone to buy consult a seller or read comments on different forums.

Do you need a physical keyboard?

Many smartphones such as iPhone 4, have only a touch keyboard, while others give users the ability to manage the physical QWERTY. These devices usually have a sliding design, but you can still find phones with a keyboard located directly below the display (BlackBerry Curve, Motorola Droid Pro).

How to choose a smartphone

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