How to Choose the Right Gaming Headset?

To make the best of your video games, you need not only a high end console and a high definition screen but also an effective headset. If you are a confirmed gamer, you should know that the quality of the sound is as important as the quality of the image. A good pair can warn you of the slightest step behind your back and personalize different sounds such as earbuds. A gaming headset is the perfect tool to enliven perfectly your games. Here are the criteria to be taken into account when buying a gaming headset.

The Sound Quality

The most recent models of gaming headsets are generally efficient so the choice of the perfect pair depends on the type of games you are used to play. Thus, do not hesitate to test some devices on to see if the bass is good enough, if the microphone compresses the sound correctly. See also if the headset makes the sound scratchy or flat. Make sure that it insulates from static and background noises that might ruin your games.

As a matter of fact, you are advised to find a store that accepts the customers to test first before purchasing a specific model. Another option is using word to mouth. Ask your fellow players or other gamers which headset they use and satisfies them the most. Know that if needed, you can adopt the immersive sound technology developed by Nahimic to enhance the power and the performances of your gaming headset.

The Microphone

The next criterion to be seen is the type of microphone you want to have for your headset. Models with bendable necks able you to turn the microphone in any direction you want whenever you want. Others are endowed with on and off buttons and lights that indicate that the micro is on. Some even have a film cover so that breathing cannot be captured during a game. Those small details can make huge differences while you use the apparel. Also, take time to check if the gaming accessory pickups words correctly and capture your voice properly and not all the neighbors.

The Type of the Headrest

The headrest is the part of the headset that ensures the wearer’s comfort. In general, it exists in two types which are the cushioned one and the suspension one. Know that cushioned headrests are always more static by design. Very often, their earpieces can click into different positions for more practicality. They stay in the wanted position as long as needed. On the other hand, suspension headsets have a soft pad that is attached to the headsets with an elastic adjustable band. This component makes the headset easy to put on an off.

Those are the main parameters that you should consider carefully before purchasing your new gaming headset. You can also check upon other features like:

  • the volume dials style and position;
  • the USB cords type;
  • the design: you can obviously choose one that you like among all the wide range of designs available on the market but only if it meets all the criteria mentioned above.

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