Importance of General Knowledge Quiz in Day Today Life

Are you the one who wastes lot of time on your smartphone everyday doing nothing but playing useless games? Now, you can utilise your spare time in earning some real cash online by playing our new trivia quiz game, Quizistan. With this online general knowledge test you can now use your spare time in a better way.

You can now try your luck in winning some money by playing our general knowledge questions. These days there are many mobile applications available on the Google Play Store and App Store that promise users of something but never keep up to their promises. However, Quizistan is an app where you can try your luck in some easy gk questions in Hindi as well as English.

Here are some features of this new app available for both Android and iOS users:

About Quizistan

Playing this Trivia game is fun and at the same time challenging as well. The format of this game is very simple and easy to understand. There are a variety of topics available for the users to play in and they can choose a topic as per their preference. It is a race against the clock, because the game play moves quickly but its format keeps it interesting.

If you aren’t able to come up with the correct answer in less than 10 seconds there is still chance to remain in the game as there is no elimination in Quizistan.

    Live Game:

You can play quiz online and win cash prize. You can play this game throughout the day as it goes live every hour. You can win easy money by participating in any contest of your choice. Each game goes for 5 minutes and there are 8 live questions, which allow you to win upto Rs 34,000 or more everyday.

To start playing live game you simply have to register on any of the time slots available for play.

                                                                                   Quiz Timings:

12:30 PM: General Knowledge                                    07:15 PM: History and Geography

02:00 PM: Science                                                          8:15 PM: Cricket

03:00 PM: Food and Travel                                           9:15 PM: Who Am I?

04:15 PM: Maths                                                            10:15 PM: Bollywood

Your winning amount will totally depend on your ranking in the game. You can double your score with question 4 and question 8, and this will also help you in increasing your ranking further.

                                                                                  50-50 Lifeline:

Every time you refer Quizistan to your friends you will get a lifeline. This lifeline will remove two wrong answered from the four options on the screen. Only two options will be left out of which one will be the correct answer.

                                                                               Free Games

You can also practice questions by using our free games section. Free games option can be used anytime of the day to practice more and more live games. In this section, you can play on the topics similar to those available in live games. Playing practice game session will help you in getting yourself prepared for the LIVE GAMES.

You can also use this section to play free GK in Hindi game, which will make you more prepared for the live game.

Don’t think more and download this new trivia game online from Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

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