Instagram Enables You to Drive Sales to Your Website

Everyone wishes to get their products seen by more people or attract a strong following of customers. Instagram is one of the ways you can drive sales to your site and create a name for your products or services online.

What the Statistics Reveal

Currently, 300 million people visit Instagram monthly. That number is more than the number of people who use Twitter. However, you should not care about the numbers until you look at the kinds of people who use Instagram.

Instagrammers Like to Shop

Happily, if you have a brand and product or service to promote, you will find that Instagrammers love to shop. One 2015 study showed that 70% of the users on Instagram have already investigated a brand. Around 62% of Instagrammers follow a brand for the simple reason that they like it.

Post the Right Images

If you post the right images, consumers will receive your marketing message without any hard sales pitches from you. In other words, you can draw customers to your business without having to sell to them. Shoppers, such as the people found on Instagram, refer to social media as a reference. So, if you buy Instagram followers, you can convert people who are passive shoppers into people who are directly interested in your brand, service, or product line.

Establishing an IG Account for Business

If you have never set up an Instagram account for business, the first thing you want to do is establish one. You should always keep your personal IG account separate from your professional account. Also, keep in mind that the marketing approaches you use are not about you. Therefore, any selfies or travel pictures should stay on your personal page. They are not relevant to your business account.

Highlight What You Sell

You should make it a point not to appear too often on your brand’s Instagram page. Better yet, it might be a good idea to not appear at all. That may sound ironic given that Instagram is a photo site. However, your business page should highlight what you sell, not your personal life.

Now that you are set up for business, you are ready to optimise your Instagram page. On the IG platform, you only have one chance to direct a link to your business website. Your IG bio is the one location where your link can be clicked – beneath your name and description on the top of the IG page. You can always add a link to your online retail store or a landing page where your bio appears.

Select a Recognisable Name

When using Instagram, the idea is to stay recognised. Otherwise, any Instagramming will be for naught. Choose an Instagram name that is the same or associated with your company’s name across social media.

Keep your profile image professional as well. All of your interactions on Instagram are complemented by your small profile pic. As a result, the small image should be visually memorable. When you buy followers and use this approach, you are on the right path to easy online recognition.

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