iPhone 5 Repair in Singapore

Being the owner of an iPhone 5 is just one side of a glamorous coin. Once your iPhone 5 requires a repair, it suddenly would appear too expensive or you might consider it to be a burden. Remember that the iPhone 5 is a powerful device that can cater many facilities to its users, making it a valuable possession.

Repairing an iPhone 5 is tricky. There are two main options. The first is to try to repair it with your hand at home using the iPhone repair kits and the online tutorial guide. The second is to find a licensed iPhone 5 repair service shop that can fix your iPhone 5. The second option is a better. Owing to the intricate, tiny circuits of the iPhone 5, it is better to take it to a trained person, or you might damage your iPhone at the end. Even those who usually repair other model phones can’t handle repairing the higher models such as iPhone 5. Hence, an iPhone 5 needs special attention.

iPhone 5 Screen Repairs in Singapore

Have you smashed or dropped your iPhone 5 only to discover that the front glass had shattered or cracked or is the touch screen/digitizer not functioning right? Don’t be worried as we are here to assist, we can replace the iPhone 5 digitizer as well as front glass within 24 hours and gets the phone back functioning like new. You can call us to fix an iPhone 5 front screen service.

iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair

If there is no music/ audio originating from your headphones once connected to the iPhone 5 or is only a bad connection. This could mean the headphone jack is not so good or a loose connection in a place. You can just send the iPhone 5 to us and we will get it back on point like new again.

iPhone 5 Liquid / Water Damage Repair

Have you mistakenly dropped your iPhone 5 in liquid? Or spilt water on your iPhone 5 and right now it’s not functioning? We are here to assist you; we can repair iPhone 5 gadgets with liquid damage. This is usually a diagnostic support and we will offer you a quote for the repair before carrying out any work. All iPhone 5 water damaged devices are inspected carefully and we offer a quote to you fix the damaged iPhone 5 before any kind of work is performed. Apple will not assist you if your iPhone is damaged by water so that’s where we come in. You can book to get your water damaged iPhone 5 repaired as you will have nothing to lose.

iPhone 5 battery repairs support

The iPhone 5 battery replacement service includes all parts and is perfect if the iPhone 5 is draining very fast.

iPhone 5 Charging Port Repair 

When you plug in the iPhone 5 to charge and it refuses, it’s likely because your charging port/dock is malfunctioning. Send the phone to us and we will repair and replace the dock connecter thereby get your Phone back to you working just like new once more.

iPhone 5 Home Button

This is a service that’s carry out to replace the iPhone 5 home button, for those who have a broken home button of their iPhone. Over time the iPhone 5 home button will begin sticking or not responding well. That’s where we come in to help you; we will fix your iPhone 5 home button in a short time.

The last point you would like when you buy an iPhone 5 is to be spending a small fortune each time you drop it or it gets wet. We know that and that’s the reason we strive to keep our iPhone 5 repair prices as affordable as possible.

Out of the entire iPhone models, the iPhone 5 appears to be specifically fragile. Although small amount of water damage or a broken screen may appear like a small problem, it could result in more expensive challenges down the road, and even cost you your entire phone.

Finding the ideal place for getting an iPhone 5 repaired is difficult. But, if you carry out the necessary research and homework, it can be easier for you. As each and every repair store claims to give the best as well as the fastest service at low prices, it is not recommended to go for any store in your locality. So don’t put off our less cost iPhone 5 repair services in Singapore – get it repaired with us quickly.

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