Let a Great New Charger Put a Charge Back into Your Tech Life

There’s no question that the tech revolution has seen us become more keen on and adept at working on the go. For those who hate long hours spent hunched over a computer screen, this has been quite a boon—the need to slave away in a cubicle is lessened somewhat when you can always take your work with you and type that report out on the go whilst listening to your favourite songs and streaming new content. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory. There are still plenty of things still tying us to work stations (not the least of which being bosses who’d like more work getting done and less Candy getting Crushed) but one thing that shouldn’t be tethering us are inefficient chargers.

Here, then, are a few things to consider when looking into purchasing a new charger for your phone, laptop, or other digital device.

Plug-In vs. Portable

One of the great things about technology is the fact that it’s not only constantly improving, but that this more often than not takes the form of it learning from and improving upon past mistakes or shortcomings. The original cell phones were massive brick-sized behemoths? We found a way to make the smaller. They had limited range? The range improved. They were limited in what they could do? The modern smartphone is a computer in your pocket.

All of which brings us back to the question of chargers. One of the most difficult things for smartphone owners to figure out has always been how to best manage the battery in such a way as to avoid the dreaded “Battery Low” message, or the blank black screen that signals the death of your phone’s battery—at least until you charge it again. That’s a relatively easy answer to the question of what to do when the battery runs low or dies, but it’s always easy or effective enough. What if you’re caught out in the open with no power outlet in sight? And what if your charger is too large to fit in your pocket? Those may seem like trivial concerns, but in an age when phones are an integral part of both the business and social sides of everyday life, they’re something to consider.

Which brings us to the innovation which has the potential to radically help this problem: small-time portable chargers. More like battery packs, these things are small and simply plug into your charging slot like any other charger. The downside? As always with chargers, what you gain in portability you lose in power. Finding the balance you need between these extremes is critical to finding a good charger for on the go.

Be Careful of Compatibility

If you look into third-party chargers, you want to be make sure they’re compatible with your phone. For example, when looking for an iPhone 6 charger, there are many options open to you from both Apple and other parties, but you do want to make sure any third-party offering is confirmed to be compatible.

Put a charge back into your tech experience with a great new charger.


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