Magento Infusionsoft Integration – A Lethal Combo that Works Better Together

Infusionsoft is an affiliate system, a shopping cart and an extremely sophisticated email marketing system. Let us read to know more about the core products and everything about this Infusionsoft system.

A hyperlink is all you need to turn your website into a full functioning shopping cart. The functionality and everything is contained within the Infusionsoft system, because it lets you build and optimize your website for highest sales conversions and search engine optimization.

Thus, Infusionsoft is a broad term that helps small business in regard to marketing automation. They are most powerful when it comes to help small businesses to convert leads, grow sales and get optimal results from the prospects. They have CRMs which can effectively help customers to combine all their data at one place which make it easy to access from anywhere. With the help of email marketing, customers can easily create emails which in increasing sales and attracting new customers. With this automation system, customers can create a system which will help them in saving time and managing their sales.

Also they give APIs using which it can be connected to the third party applications. If you have a Magento enabled eCommerce site where there are numerous customers registered and you are planning to integrate Infusionsoft for your marketing. In this case, you need to get upgraded to new Magento Infusionsoft Integration System that can communicate user information. When Infusionsoft is integrated with Magento, one can monitor fresh orders placed through Magento store. So, whenever a new user registers in Magento, their detail is automatically converted to Infusionsoft database. In case user reset information in Magento, the same will be updated in Infusionsoft as well. This is the system that is working when integrated Infusionsoft API with Magento.

Using the Integration system will automatically-

  • Add customers to the Infusionsoft database
  • Add products that are ordered to Infusionsoft
  • Add order to Infusionsoft with products linked
  • Mark the order

 So, you can have the best of both worlds! The Magento Infusionsoft integration system will securely sync all of the Magento orders with Infusionsoft in time! Whatever you order will appear in Infusionsoft just as if the order was made with Infusionsoft. You can automatically manage the particular products ordered the products and keep all your contacts and products synced. What is most important is you can automatically synchronise your Infusionsoft marketing automation as your customers place orders in your Magento cart.

Infusionsoft and Magento can be combined together because they are natural companions. But to let them work together you need a trained Infusionsoft developer who can help you sync Infusionsoft and Magento quickly.

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