Natural Pest Control For Your Garden

If you are an avid gardener who loves growing fresh vegetables in your garden, there’s nothing as discouraging as finding your broccoli or tomatoes infested, or eaten up by pests even before you can figure it out. At this point it’s natural to get upset and use a toxic pesticide to kill the bugs, but it can be very harmful to you and environment, and can also be incredibly expensive. Many amateur gardeners are now turning to natural pest control techniques these days, because going green is now getting more popular, and it’s not only cheaper but also more effective in the long run.

Many gardeners think that using all natural pest control techniques at once is the best way to go for an healthy garden. The term Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best approach for using natural techniques to eliminate pests from your garden. It’s defined as a combination to techniques to ensure that plants get sufficient light, water and food, attracting animals that feed on pests, using physical barriers, and plating vegetation that can attract pest’s natural predators. This means your garden will no longer depend on chemical pesticides but will have a balanced ecosystem where plants and animals will live in perfect harmony.

The key to remember is that we’re going for a balance. With organic methods to control pest infestation in place, you will be left with a fine balance of plants, non-harmful pests and various natural methods to eliminate pests. Over planting and chemical fertilizers or pesticides are what you want to avoid. However, even the easiest pest control methods can be difficult to implement. Some of them include netting, fences, wires and more. This might also include keeping slugs at bay using a torch when its dark, or placing gravel or copper near plants that slugs prefer eating. There are many pest, such as centipedes that can hide under stones or rocks. Removing such stones will help you in getting rid of them because they won’t have any place to rest.

A reputable eco-friendly exterminator will use IPM techniques that will access every situation to ascertain the methods that are necessary to control pests. Some bugs cannot survive in extreme heat. So they will use high pressure heating to eliminate pests. Steam can also be used to eliminate bugs without using any expensive or toxic insecticide. In fact, some companies also use steam for cleaning mattresses. This helps in reducing instances of asthma and allergies. Termite control is also possible using natural techniques. It’s very important to eliminate moisture issue in the building. All leaky pipes, taps and air-conditioning units should also be repaired without any delay. You should also maintain your gutter and drains for effective termite control in your house.

Attracting wildlife that feeds on pests is the best and the least utilized methods by homeowners to control pests, but its very effective. This could mean putting bird feeders to attract some bird species that feed on pests. This is important for ensuring a balanced eco-system in your garden, because this way you will have specific amount of pest for a specific amount of predators in your garden. It’s also important to keep your plants well fed and healthy. Undernourished and unhealthy plants are more susceptible to pest infestations and diseases. You should also keep your garden tools clean so that you don’t end up transferring pests from one plant to the next!a

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