Now Choose The Right Magento Solution To Suit Your Business Needs

Magento, now a product owned by eBay, came into existence just a few years back (in 2008) and by this time, it has managed to make its own place in the website development world. From that time, Magento has been providing ultimate business solutions to small as well as big to huge businesses seamlessly. The CMS of Magento is more flexible compared to other e-commerce solutions out there.

It is needless to say that you will get the best web retailing solution with Magento, but how are you going to decide the right plan? With a wide user base in the form of enterprises and small business owners, Magento brings to you three different development plans. So now let’s take a look at these plans.

Magento small business

This plan is specially designed for small business. It helps them to create online stores quickly and easily. Here you don’t have to worry about taking care of the servers or installing any software. The platform comes with some stunning tools enough to take your business high. This is the right solution for those business owners who have no knowledge of technology.

Design your way – Don’t have any knowledge of HTML? Designing? No issues! You are still good to go. Just like using the word editor, you can make changes in the menus as well as on the buttons, add the logo and add page attributes. If you want something more, you can have a web designer to work with CSS editor.

Product stacking flexibility – For any store, there comes a product catalog where every product is placed and categorized. The search tool of Magento helps the users to find the one that they have been looking for in the easiest way.

Web stores with SEO – Your web store is no good if it is not SEO friendly. So it comes with built-in SEO. You can change the meta keywords as well as control the URLs. You can even create a Google sitemap using it.

Increases customer engagement – It works well to gain customer loyalty and retain them. The customers are attracted to the website through coupons. You can let them have product comparisons as well as add products to the wishlist for future purchases.

Magento Connect comes with a number of extensions, you can make use of them any time to improve the functionality of your online store.

Magento Enterprise

If you think Magento Small business offers you good, then Magento Enterprise comes with the best. It is the right choice for mid-size businesses. With this option, you can get a huge visitor crowd on your website, get flexibility, scalability, provide product comparisons, as well as make sure to have thousands of transactions on just any given time frame. The data can be moved between the systems easily.

Apart from what Magento Small business has to offer, with this Enterprise edition, you can know more about your customers and provide a better-customized shopping experience to them. You can separate out things based on the demography as well as shopping habits of the customers. Again, you can make use of special offers to attract new customers to the site. You can carry out email marketing campaigns, provide exclusive offers to targeted customers and show special content on the basis of the shopping habits.

Something that you will find here at Magento Enterprise other than Magento Small business are:

  • Gift Registry
  • Content roll back
  • Reward points
  • Invitations
  • Better customer targeting through categorization
  • Much more…

This edition offers simplified payment options through different gateways. Again, payments are not restricted to these payment gateways and customers are free to make payment through money orders, cheque, gift cards and purchase orders. To make the process hassle-free all the process takes place on the single page. Proper security has been inculcated so that customers can shop tension free. Shipping costs are calculated in real time, making it even better.

Magento Community

Magento community is an open source platform which can be made use by developers to work on their projects. The version is free to download and the developers can take the code, alter it and use as they want by adding in some functionalities. The organizations which make stores for commercial purposes make use of community edition. They hire Magento developer for the task.

Though Magento Community Edition does not come with technical support, the businesses which go for this option through Magento service providers will get it from them.

It is true that here you will not get all the functionalities mentioned above in other two editions, but still, you can manage to have a fair web store. It comes with the mobile HTML5 theme as well as access to the codes. You even get the chance to enjoy order management, multi-lingual support, SEO-friendly URLs, extensions, themes and much more. No doubt it can be the best option for those businesses which are on a tight budget.


By going through the features and functionalities of these three Magento editions, you will be able to find the solution for your business needs. So whether you are not sound technically or you are a hardcore tech savvy, this information is really going to help you for Magento E-commerce Development.

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