Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker

The sensational Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker Tool will get your Samsung Galaxy S4 deice working on any GSM and CDMA network in the world. It is worth to give it a chance, right?

Many mobile phone users have tried all sorts of different SIM unlock tools and procedures but none of them have proved as quite satisfactory as one had hoped for. However, now there are major news in the SIM unlocking field especially for the owners of the fabulous Samsung Galaxy S4. Today you have everything you need to remove the limitations and restrictions of the mobile network carriers. You don’t have to wait for the contract to be over and you don’t have to visit all sorts of SIM unlocking services just to get something done that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker Tool is the most amazing SIM unlocking tool ever invented. It is available in all countries and works on all operative systems. You can download it on any device and you will get the job done before you know it.

The truth about the SIM unlock is not in complicated software programs that you need to break, the truth is very simple and that is what the Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker Tool is brining to you.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker Tool does exactly what the carriers back officers would do- get you the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S4 unit. To make the retrieving of the unlock code perfect the tool will need to process some details like the name of your carrier and your devices IMEI number. Believe it or not, but the IMEI code has a center role in this entire SIM unlock story. Without the imei code the Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker software will be utterly incapable of bringing you the unlock code you need. Furthermore, if you provide a wrong IMEI code the unlock will fail and if this trend of providing incorrect imei codes continues you might block your device forever. That is why you need t treat the issue with the IMEI code with extreme attention. If you don’t know what the IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy S4 is you can try several methods to discover it, although, I personally prefer the method of dialing *#60#. You will receive no answer on the other end of the line but instead you will see your IMEI code flashing on your phone’s screen. Make sure you get the code right to avoid the consequences I mentioned above.

How to remove the SIM lock of the Samsung Galaxy S4

First, you must download the Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlocker Tool and run the installation procedure.

Second, you are required to open the tool and enter the details like the name of the carrier, the country where the Samsung Galaxy S4 was bought and its IMEI number. These details will help the software to calculate your unlock code with a chirurgical precision. You will also have to enter an email address here. The email address is where you will be delivered the unlock code.

Third, now that you have the unlock code you can enter it in your Samsung Galaxy S4 gadget anytime you wish to unlock it. The unlock code is unique and never-changing so you can use it literally anytime you wish. If for some reason the SIM lock reappears you can use the same unlock code to repeat the procedure of unlocking.

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