SEO Marketing: Improving Your PPC Quality Score

Quality score is everything when it comes to SEO marketing and the success of your PPC (pay per click) ads. If your quality score is too low, you will not be able to achieve the best placements in sponsored search results. You will also end up paying a lot more for your clicks. This means it will be virtually impossible to profit from your campaigns. If you aren’t experiencing the results you expected with your PPC ad campaigns, it’s more than likely due to a low quality score.

Following are SEO, PPC tips that can improve your quality score.

Keyword Focused Ad Groups

One of the biggest SEO/search engine optimization mistakes marketers make when it comes to PPC ads is building a single ad group and stuffing it with hundreds of varying target keywords says Chris Poole of CT SEO Company. This strategy makes it very difficult to produce the highly relevant keyword/ad group/landing page combinations that pay per click engines appreciate. Instead, generate ad groups that concentrate on one main keyword, with only a few highly related keywords incorporated to get additional traffic. This strategy allows you to create highly-specific text for your SEO landing page and ad content.

Build a Landing page for Every Ad Group

It’s highly recommended that you create a separate, SEO friendly landing page for each ad group you create. Not only will this make your landing page content more relevant to your target audience and improve click through rates, it can improve your quality score.

Incorporate Ad Text into Landing Pages

While creating your ad group specific landing pages, incorporate the keywords you’re targeting and work in the language you used in the ad text as well. This strategy will make visitors feel more comfortable and secure once they click through to your landing page. Seeing the specific elements that attracted your visitors in the first place will help assure them that they’ve ended up in the right place.

Split Test Your Ads

When it comes to PPC advertising, split testing is crucial. Why? Because, it’s your revenue that’s on the line if you’re getting poorly targets, ineffective, clicks. With search engine optimization and traffic generating strategies, split testing is a valuable tool that can also be used to guide your website content decisions. However, with PPC, split testing one of the main things that can effectively prevent you from losing money on bad clicks. Inside your PPC account, the most important detail to test are various versions of your text ads. For every ad group you produce, it’s important to have two ad alternatives running, testing different headlines, body text messages and the URL’s displayed. It is also important to set the ads so that they rotate evenly. If you don’t, your split tests won’t provide any definitive data to work with.

Improve the Load Times of Your Site

Google loves fast-loading websites, so it makes sense that a site’s speed can have an impact on its AdWords PPC engine’s quality scores.

If you want to improve your quality score and placement in Google’s search engine results pages, or maintain your sought after ranking, an SEO expert can help. SEO marketing specialists have the expertise it takes to analyze and enhance your existing web content, including adding search engine optimization techniques like headers, tags, key metadata, etc., in addition to fine-tuning it for optimal rankings. These are all strategies that the average business owners simply can’t, or don’t have the time to, do on their own.

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