Some Knowledge Regarding Cars

The world of the automobile is a globalized world in which large multinational groups with interests in all the great regional markets of the planet operate. The different groups have production plants on almost all continents, inter alia to produce locally, which saves them transport costs and, in many cases, tariffs when marketing their products in those markets. Moreover, in many cases, they adapt the model ranges to the specific markets depending on the regulations of each one, but also on the tastes and the buying possibilities of the clients.

Within the macro-organizations of each of the group’s, industrial planning is one of the priorities. The production of a model in one plant or another does not only depend on its being marketed in a given market, but also on other aspects such as the platform used, the workloads of each factory (the factories compete with each other for the adjudication of models ), Production planning and production costs. In this sense, the smaller or simpler models, which leave a profit margin per smaller unit, are usually manufactured in countries with lower production costs.

In short, not all cars of the brands of a particular country are manufactured in that country and for sample, two figures: in Spain cars are marketed brands from 13 different countries : Germany, South Korea, Spain, the United States, France, Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia and Sweden, but our market is home to cars made in 29 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, , Holland, Hungary, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Thailand and Turkey).

BMW is another brand that boasts of its German origin and, in fact, most of its production leaves its factories of Munich, Regensburg, Dingolfing, Regensburg and Leipzig (in the latter the electric ones are produced) but if you buy an X3, An X4, an X5 or an X6 you should know that they are cars that come from Spartanburg, city of the United States. BMW and Mercedes are often in charge of their strategies and, therefore, it is not surprising that in the dealers of the brand of the star also find models “Made in the USA”. However, the French, Italians and the Asians are also manufacturing the cars.

The other brands are quite faithful to their origins like mention in this site Jaguar and Land Rover, for example, although they have Indian capital, produce all their cars in the British Isles (the Slovak plant is not yet built) and so is Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley, McLaren or Rolls-Royce. Not so in the case of Mini because of capacity issues at its Oxford plant has subcontracted the production of the Mini 5-door Cabrio to Nedcar, a Dutch company and the Paceman and Countryman are manufactured in Graz, Austria.

We are left with the Jeep, all Americans except Renegade, who is Italian, Dacia, who manufactures the bulk of his production in Romania except Dokker and Lodgy, who are Moroccan from Tangier, Skoda, who produces all his models in the Czech Republic Except the Citigo , originally from neighboring Slovakia and Volvo, whose V40, S60, V60, and XC60 are Belgian and the 90 series Swedish models.

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