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The server of the globe is branched into cloud hosting and traditional hosting. Cloud hosting which is running with multiple servers helps people to access their application from any corner of the globe. But traditional hosting consists of two types 1- dedicated hosting which is only meant for the owner who will use. It cannot be used by the others and 2- shared hosting in which if the owner wants then he can share his application with different companies. Now when people are busy roaming all over the globe then it’s a big advantage for the population to use cloud hosting. To help the mass a hosting company was founded in the year 2011 in Malta named as Cloudways. During the survey of cloudways some people were asked to accord some reviews on the company and the Cloudways hosting review so appreciable that a good population started using that hosting server.

Significant peculiarities of cloud hosting:

  • Authenticity- It helps the website to host virtual segregation which retreats its resources such as the logical disk, from a comprehensive network of an elemental physical server. If a server faces offline, it spreads the almost quantity of services within the cloud but it will not affect the original website.
  • Substantial security- the substantial server are enclosed within data centres enlarging security measures that prevents people from distorting other user’s account of application.

  • Ascendability and flexibility- Resources can be available at any time on demand and it must not be limited to substantial force or capacity of one server. If the demand of extra resource is increased by the client’s server because of the reasons such as implementation of fresh function, the resources can be used seamlessly.
  • Costing and pricing- A great advantage of the population for using this cloud hosting is the cost effectiveness. A person has to pay for the resources what they will use. So there will be no wastage of capacity when the insistence is low.

Establishment of server and application:

  • Selection of an application for the personal server such as WordPress which is required by the client.
  • The need of naming the managed app with a relevant name for his app such as “cloud hosting”.
  • Again need to name the managed server as same as the above step.
  • Next step is to name the project as above.
  • Selection of the server size. Minimum size is 1 GB RAM for a trial version.
  • Place location for the server. Example India.
  • Fixing of the price for the hosting plan. Payment per hour basis is also availed for a temporary upgrade to the higher plan.
  • When all the above process is done. “Launch Now” is needed to be clicked. After the completion of launch within 10 mins, the client will able to access the dashboard for the server and application.
  • The only part where the company is lagging behind is the limited bandwidth for their plans for cloud hosting. If they could avail bandwidth of unlimited quantity, the hosting service would be much sweeter than anything else. Besides this, the company avails the strongest hosting for better access to the network. Cloudways hosting reviews were evaluated and described the good features the company is implementing the best features


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