Supplying the UK Defence Industry

EuroQuartz are UK-based manufacturer, who has over 60 years of experience in the frequency product industry with their roots dating back as far as the Second World War. This has held them in good stead for their work in supplying the country’s military defence with quartz crystals and clock oscillators.

The military crystals EuroQuartz provide for the UK Defence Industry are designed to meet military standards and specifications (mil-spec). They can be used in the most extreme, harsh environments and perform to the highest level of reliability. EuroQuartz engineers can supply stock military crystals and oscillators or produce customised, made-to-order products to suit any specific defence requirements. They also pride themselves on their short delivery times.

Military Crystal Applications

The military standard oscillators and crystals EuroQuartz supply have many differing military applications. Below see a few examples of their uses:

  • Guidance systems -a device which controls or guides military objects such as a drone
  • Two-way radio communications – a radio which can both transmit and receive communications
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) – used todeploy forces as well as for logistical support and vehicle navigation
  • Upper atmosphere and space applications – military testing and operations in space use mil-spec crystals and oscillators
  • Smart munitions- a guided munition used to hit exact targets or positions to reduce collateral damage and civilian casualties
  • Cockpit Systems – used in cockpit instruments in military fighter and transportation planes

The products EuroQuartz supply to the UK Defence Industry must meet several standards before they are put to use by the military. Because of their use in aeroplane cockpits and in space, military crystals must be able to withstand a high level of G-force.

Because of the wide variety of locations that the military conduct operations in, the crystals and oscillators must be able to withstand and still work effectively and reliably in a range of differing temperatures. EuroQuartz mil-spec products remain functionable in temperatures between -55C and 125C.

The crystals they supply have all been tested and successfully passed MIL-STD-883 Class B qualification. That means they have met the defence industry’s standards and specifications for use in microelectronic devices which are used in electronic defence systems and in aerospace. This ensures a higher level of reliability in these conditions and systems than products which have not passed the MIL-STD-883 Class B qualification.

EuroQuartz do not just supply products for military and defence uses they provide a variety of products used in the medical, aerospace and telecoms industries as well as developing crystals and oscillators for use in electronic engineering.

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