The Debate over the Whois Database

Emergence and Control over the WHOIS Database

The US government has always developed different programs and entities to help the American people. However sometimes these programs and entities become so massive that the government is no longer able to control them. When it comes to safeguarding the American people’s livelihood the government is supposed to be a top of the line defense. But instead what we see happening now and in past times is that more and more information of the American people are being stolen and used in black market purposes. Nowadays there are so many breaches with different governmental agencies, companies, national data bases, banks, businesses and social media sites that it’s become the normal. There have even been personal information data breaches at gas stations across the country. So to combat these violations of the American people’s personal information the government created the WHOIS database, and can do a simple whois search at This database was created in the early 90s and it was designed to protect the American public’s personal information. However down through the years this database has grown to tremendous proportions and now there is a concern that this database is not being governed any particular entity. With that being said it begs to differ who actually controls this database?

The Real Reason behind the Debate

At the beginning of this database inception the United States government tasked the Network Solutions agency was overseeing the database. However the dispute about whether or not this database is being controlled by one entity has become an issue. It seems that the initial intent of the database is still active within the database itself but the debate is concerning who has control of it. Government officials have been accusing the Network Solutions department of violating United States laws when it comes to personal protected information for the American people. This protection not only extends to the American people but also to businesses as well. Businesses that handle any type of transactions through the Internet or online services have always utilized in their website addresses. With the debate concerning the database if a company loses on the website it could very well affect how they’re able to sell their goods and services to consumers. This in return would give them full access to the system and prohibit any other company or entity from gaining access to it. In addition to this the once separate and independent WHOS database has now been combined with commercial elements. This has raised even more calls for concern and has resulted in this debate ending up in the court system.

Ownership of the WHOIS Database

So technically speaking even though the Network Solutions was given the task of maintaining and running the database it seems the government is having second thoughts. So now there is a race to gain control of this database. But the problem is that both entities are squabbling over who should have control and how much of control they should have. So the question about ownership of this database is simple. It’s owned by both agencies the only problem is trying to decide how much of a control will each agency or entity retain.

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