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TheOneSpy is a cross-platform monitoring app intended for parents and employers to supervise the mobile phone use of children and employees. The app comes preloaded with hundreds of features to monitor and control the Android phone and iPhone. Contrary to the traditional spy apps, TheOneSpy offers most advanced and innovative features to monitor and record almost all the activities performed on the targeted phone. The app can be subscribed for a month, quarter or a year. The price of the spy software varies with targeted phone operating system, package plans and subscription period.

Core Features of Mobile Monitoring App

TheOneSpy offers a wide range of features to remotely monitor the Android and iPhone of someone else. Here, we have penned down the foremost features of the app to give you an understanding of the software.

Spy on Messages

The cell phone tracking software allows tracking all the messages received and transmitted from the target phone. It includes the short messages containing text and emoticons, multimedia messages and iMessages. The SMS logs provide the contact detail of the message transmitter and receiver.

Tap Phone Calls

The spy software allows tracking the phone calls received and made from the target phone. It records all the inward and outward phone calls and lets the end-user listen and download the recorded calls. The call logs provide the contact detail of the caller and recipient.

Track Social Media and IM Apps

The instant messaging and social media apps can be tracked with the Android tracking software. The app allows tracking individual and group chats made via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Vine, Viber, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. The photos, audios and videos shared via these apps can be tracked and the friends-list of the target can be monitored with spy app.

Track Emails

The incoming and outgoing emails of employees and children can be tracked with the spy app. You can distantly read the emails and see the email addresses of the communicators.

Access Keylogs

The mobile phone spy app accesses the keylogs of the target device which includes the keylogs of usernames, passwords, email addresses and messengers. These keylogs can be used to closely monitor the online accounts operated on the target phone.

Track Phone Surroundings

The mobile monitoring software lets you track the surroundings of the target phone. The end-user of the spy software can distantly operate the cameras and MIC of the target phone and monitor the surrounding sounds and scenes. The app lets you capture photos, record video and voices in the vicinity of the monitored phone.

Live Screen Sharing

What if you could see what the target is doing on the monitored mobile phone? The spy app lets you see the activities performed on the monitored cell phone at present time.

Track Photos and Videos

The photos and videos saved on the target mobile phone can be seen and downloaded from the spy software account. You can also monitor the deleted photos and videos right on the spy software dashboard.

Monitor Web History

The monitoring software provides detail regarding the internet use on the targeted phone. You can see the URL of the webpages visited and the data searched on internet browsers.

Screen Recording

The spy app lets you record whatever appears on the targeted phone’s screen in the real or upcoming time period.

Track Location

The tracking software lets you detect the whereabouts of your target. You can track the current and former visits of your target and mark locations to prevent the target from entering the forbidden zones.

Control Apps

The mobile apps installed on the monitored phone can be uninstalled, blocked and unblocked through the spy app control panel.

Compatible Devices

Android phones running Android OS version 2.3 to 7.1

IPhone3, 4, 5 running jailbreak iOS 7 and 8


The Android Lite monitoring solution costs $18 per month and $140 per year.

The xLite Android package costs around $35 per month and $135 per year.

The Premier Android package is priced at $50 per month and $250 per year.

These prices are subject to change. See the latest prices and discount coupons here.


When compared with the mobile phone monitoring apps rightly available, TheOneSpy is found to be a feature-rich android app that allows monitoring and recording all the cell phone activities of the target.

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