Top 10 Perks Of Using WordPress To Dynamite Your Website

What pops out of your mouth When asked, Which is the most popular blogging station? Pop – WordPress! Yes, But over few years, WordPress has achieved wide popularity as a great Content Management System for non-blogging sites too. WordPress is global web design software which means you can expect a lot of support and the knowledge sharing developers.

WordPress is continually updated with refreshed new designs and widgets. Where many of them are free or at very less price as compared to paying for a web designer to make out your business website. The most common reason of it’s popularity is that it has an easy-to-use and intuitive look and feel. Additionally, user can easily find out any information about the usage from the online WordPress forums and community. Hire WordPress Web Development Services – Kodematix to power up your corporate website. Checkout the top 10 benefits of WordPress driven websites:

  1. Easy Usability

The WordPress platform has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use. You can swiftly add new pages, products, blog posts, images etc. on a daily basis. It’s simple technology reduces the time spent on formatting.

  1. Customizable Designs

You can customize the look and feel of your website to let your brand reach the potential customers giving them a unique user experience.

  1. Scalability at it’s best

No matter if you’re a sole trader, small business or looking forward to grow your business, WordPress sites can grow with your business by customizing the sites as your business and design needs change.

  1. Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines just love WordPress sites as the code behind the site is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s data. In WordPress driven sites, each page, image or post has it’s own meta tags, keywords, title and description allowing to be SEO optimized for specific keywords very easily.

  1. Extended Functionality

You can easily add functionalities such as event calendar, twitter feed, video gallery, facebook fan box and much more to your website. WordPress allows this to happen just by installing external plugins which are available for free or at reasonable prices.

  1. Multiple Users with specific Access Levels

Administrator of the WordPress website can easily setup multiple users for a site and assign different access levels and capabilities to each of them.

  1. Fully Controllable

Often, you depend on the webdesigners to make simple updates to your site. With WordPress sites, you have full control on your site and can easily make those updates yourself without any hassles.

  1. Ready to Use Blogs

As WordPress was being originated as a blogging platform, it consists of in-built blogging capabilities which are very easy to integrate. You can simply setup various things like automatically adding your recent blog posts to other pages of the site, setting up your email/RSS subscriptions to your blog, commenting capabilities and much more making your site dynamic and interactive.

  1. Easy Mobile Optimization

Today, most of the people are browsing on their mobiles, if your site isn’t mobile-optimized you’re likely to lose a serious number of traffic to your competitors who have already taken this step.

So, creating a mobile version of your site with WordPress is easier than ever. Deploying the responsive site themes, you can automatically adjust the display parameters to suit digital devices and create the mobile versions of your site.

  1. Widespread Support

There’s a wide WordPress community on the Internet. Large number of User forums and posts can be found related to any small issue working with this platform. There are loads of useful resources that can give you support to get your site run flawlessly and keep it performing efficiently all the time.

So, these are the well-acquainted benefits of the WordPress built sites. Do you experience any other advantage or bespoke feature while working with this platform, feel free to comment or ask any of the queries.

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