Even the best web designers sometimes happen to face certain issues where copyright is concerned. Usually, it is very unlikely for every web designer to create every single element belonging to the website from scratch. Sometimes, there is way too much workload and the pressure to meet the deadlines may cause some web designers to make use of creative elements from other websites and more often than not this can cause copyright issues. It is very important to look into this especially if you are working with a web design company as it can not only tarnish your own reputation but can also put the name of the company to shame. Given below are some areas that are likely to cause you copyright issues as a designer.

1.)   The use of HTML and CSS stylesheets:

It is a known fact that a designer has to work on a plethora of websites for varying clients and therefore, as a web designer, you cannot be expected to write every single bit of the HTML code or create the CSS stylesheets from scratch for every website that you create. It not only gets tedious but can create serious issues in terms of timely submissions as you may struggle to keep up with the deadlines. Therefore, copying a certain section of HTML coding to create a frame or a table is not an issue. The same applies for a CSS stylesheet as well. Selecting a small section of the CSS stylesheet is not considered to be incorrect however, the problem arises when you copy the entire massive chunk of coding and replace it into your website. Usually, HTML coding and CSS stylesheets do enjoy the benefits of copyright and if you fail to abide by the same, you can all in trouble.

2.)   Using images without the license to do so:

You may not realize it, but images form a massive part of any web design and is also essentially an element that lands most web designers in the soup. There are certain web designers who rely heavily on Google search to get access to the most appropriate image that will go well with their website. However, they do forget to read the warning that Google posts stating that the image may have copyrights. Usually, it is not very easy to learn about people going against the copyrights; however, the advent of improved technology, the resulting apps and tools make it much easier to get access to culprits. Therefore, the best thing that you can do in order to avoid falling into a trap is using images that possess a creative commons license. Read the type of license and its rules before proceeding with the use of the images to avoid copyright issues at a later stage.

3.)   Check the license on the platform being used:

In the early years of its formation, websites were all created on a static platform, thus eliminating the copyright issues that may or may not have risen. However, today, there is a plethora of platforms available including WordPress, Drupal and even Joomla. The licensing requirements of each of these platforms vary immensely and what works for one platform may not necessarily work for another, thus leading to copyright issues without your knowledge, whatsoever. As a designer, you may do away with the attribution lines as it may hamper your coding ability. Therefore, as a wbe designer, it is advisable that you read the licensing terms before beginning the work, especially when working with a web design company.

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