Using Google Analytics For Your WordPress Website

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, you should start immediatelly. It’s an extremely powerful tool, and in the past few years, it is implied that you use it, because people don’t really manage websites anymore without using that tool. So, you should start using it as soon as possible. But, what to do with it? How to use it? If you have never used Google Analytics, we’ll give you a little explanation of how you can successfully use it for yourWordPress website. If you just install the Google Analytics tracking code in your WordPress, and then don’t do nothing after that, it’s not enough. You have to actually use it. And here’s how.

First and foremost, Google Analytics is used as a tool to answer certain questions about your website. Crucial questions, such as how people are finding your website, how you can get more traffic to your website, the speed of your website, and many other things about your visitors. Learning these things will greatly help you improve your website. You can track the audience report to see information about your visitors in Google Analytics.

Another useful thing you should look at it is whether you have a mobile friendly website, because today, users are shitfting more and more from computers, to mobile devices, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are losing out on a lot of traffic.

Something else that is also important for your website, is the time you publish your posts. Because not all people see your posts at the same time, due to time zones, Google Analytics can help you figure out what the best time to publish your posts is. Check in the Location section, and see where most of the people visiting your website are from. When seeing that, you will be able to determine what the optimal time for your to publish your posts is.

How are people finding your website is another important question to ask and answer. Check under All Traffic, and you will see how people are finding your website, which is a good way to learn about how you can get more people to find your website, and ultimately increase your traffic. You can also see what social networks have directed traffic to you, if you want to get into that, and expand your website to that part of the Internet, which is by the way, a good decision, because getting on social media can really help your website blossom.

These are just a few things that Google Analytics can help you with. It does too much to cover in one article, so we will leave at this. But, know what if you haven’t been using, you should start using it, because your website can really thrive if you use it in the right way. Just a few of these questions answered can help you greatly, and when you get everything you can out of Google Analytics, you will see that you’re on a good way to greater success.

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