What You Need To Know About HIPAA Penetration Testing

Security breaches are quite common in the business world, and as per the studies, such cyber threats cannot be done away easily. As an organization, business or a company, you must take up necessary measures to safeguard sensitive business information and confidential data. It is mainly small businesses that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. More than 50% of the phishing campaigns impact small businesses. 18% of cyber attacks mostly target small businesses. HIPAA penetration testing services are important to consider and should form the part of the cyber compliance plan. Healthcare records are hacked every now and then, and so penetration testing becomes a necessity.  

What is HIPAA Penetration testing service all about?

HIPAA penetration testing resembles techniques employed by system hackers to identify system weaknesses and how the system would react to a cyber attack. Penetration testing is carried out from various angles through the web world or internet against the public servers. Penetration testing is also carried out against the internal system and that too from the network. All through the testing or in-depth scanning process, it is found out what software is vulnerable to attack or exposed to the outside world. With the use of proprietary and open source hacking tools, the systems are attacked and every attempt is made to gain access to the servers. At the end of the HIPAA Penetration testing, a report is prepared to summarize the various steps taken for infiltrating company’s systems. Irrespective of the size of the organization and the data to be protected, a company should adopt penetration testing as it is a valuable tool for understanding information security vulnerability.

The perks associated with taking HIPAA Penetration Testing Services

Yes! It is the way to knowing the vulnerability of company’s system. The following are the major benefits of employing it:

  • It can adapt to the needs of your organization. In short, testing may be adapted to suit your needs. Whether it is an internal facing network, external facing network, wireless network, mobile or web application or the combination of all, penetration testing suits all.
  • By adopting several techniques, it tends to identify a threat. It may adopt various techniques to identify threats like social engineering which is actually adopted to uncover important business information.
  • It satisfies compliance needs and helps to adhere to the requirements and set standards. Some of the regulations to be followed are PCI or Payment Card Industry, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA.
  • It helps to meet up mandatory test needs. In most cases, HIPAA Penetration Testing is mandatory. It should be the part of the annual activity for an entity which transmits, processes and stores one million card information.
  • It helps to safeguard the stored card data. If you store credit card information or facilitate online payment, take up HIPAA penetration testing services for it is must to consider.

Apart from HIPAA Penetration Testing, you must also consider other information security and compliance related services. They include on-site consulting, information security assessment, comprehensive vulnerability scanning and many such. To mitigate any chance of cyber attack, one must adopt HIPAA Penetration testing.

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