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The world of technology has brought people closer.  It has made things contract. This special zone has provided so much to the world that communication has certainly become the best. People who have their loved ones sitting 1000 miles apart can talk to each other, see them and have a regular conversation which is pretty amazing.

It has been a great source as there are no charges for the same.  The best among all these apps is WhatsApp messenger. You can download these apps through 9apps which is the best source. Play Store also offers you the same but this app makes downloading fast and easy.

Features in WhatsApp messenger

Chatting option: This app helps you to send messages to people who have installed the same. It is free of cost app where you can send messages. Even this app helps you to know that the messages are received on other end and have been read.

Deleting Messages: This app has a unique feature in which you can delete messages which you have sent by mistake in groups or chats. You can delete it from the moment you have to send the message for the continuous seven minutes. The feature will be more advanced and the time is going to be increased to 68 minutes.

Doing Voice Calls: This app provides the facility of doing voice calls to people. It needs an internet connection for the same.

Video Calls: The feature of video call has also been added. Now people can see their loved ones live. It is pretty amazing. You can enjoy having a conversation with people who are in other countries.

Sending Voice Notes: You can easily send voice notes to people. When the other person is not available to talk to you, just send a voice note for the same.

Sending Pictures and Videos: By using this Messanger with UC browser mini you can share pictures and videos with your close knits. A total of thirty pictures or videos can be sent in one go.

Form groups: You can form groups and enjoy having a gala time by chatting with your mates.

Broadcast Messages: This app also provides a service of sending messages to a number of people together. All you need to do is make a broadcast list and send a message.

Put DP and status and show the time you are available: In this application, you can put a display picture. You can even put a status and make your time visible in which people can see when you came online. Even you can put a story which is there for twenty-four hours. It can be a video or picture which people can see.


Thus to conclude Whatsapp is the most preferred app which is used by people for having a conversation with there loved ones. You can see it from UC browser mini too. This app is present in almost all the phone and is one of the most popular apps in the whole world.

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