Why Hire a Call Handling Service?

Most small business owners do not have enough money to invest in setting up a separate call answering service. As a result, many businesses attend to calls during business hours only. However, even then, you can’t just assign an employee to man the phones during the course of the day. As a result, one of the best options available to small business owners is to simply outsource their call handling to a professional company.

What Does a Professional Call Handling Company Do?

A professional call handling company signs contracts with local businesses in order to provide quality customer support. Once you sign a contract with a call handling service, they will take down any important details and messages that you might want to deliver to your customers. It is important to note that these companies will first create a complete profile of your business. You do not necessarily want customers to find out that you have outsourced customer services to another company. As a result, when a consumer calls, the person that picks up the phone responds on behalf of your company. They provide scripted responses and record messages that are delivered to you directly.

However, most people are still on the edge about whether they should hire a call handling service or not. If you are still doubtful, here are some scenarios where a call handling service is ideal.

If You Believe You Are Missing Out on Sales

As a prudent businessperson, you might first think that it is virtually impossible to determine whether you are actually missing out on sales or not. You may have your suspicions, but it seems impossible to quantify them. However, think about this from the customer’s point of view for a moment. A potential customer stumbles upon your website and really likes the product that you are offering. They become interested to the point that they are willing to call and find out more.

However, when the person calls and nobody picks up the phone on the other end, what impression does it leave? Many people may never place an order just because they think that the business is not genuine enough. There are several ways to determine whether you are missing out on sales or not. For instance, what if you are not active on certain channels, such as social media pages? This concept also applies to the telephone. If you are not making follow-up calls regularly and are not able to provide satisfactory answers or attend to calls, you are definitely losing out on sales.

When You Don’t Attend to the Phone

Perhaps the most obvious situation for which you should consider hiring a call answering service is when you are unable to answer the phone. If you are working with only a handful of people and offering a quality product, you will need somebody to handle the calls and make sure that customer queries are answered on time. A call answering service will make sure that all calls are answered on time.

When You Go Through a Business Surge

Is your business experiencing a surge? If you are receiving more orders than usual, it is very likely that you will receive more calls. Do you think your team is capable of handling all of these calls? It is imperative that you keep pace with the surge in the number of phone calls so that the increased interest can eventually translate into additional sales figures.

Introducing a New Campaign

Thinking of introducing a new campaign in order to boost sales? As you roll out the new campaign, you will obviously need more people by the phone in order to answer customer queries. In fact, there are many companies that offer ad-hoc programs for customers that only want call answering services for a specific period of time.

When You Don’t Have a Receptionist

Small businesses generally try to save as much money as possible. Many times when you walk into the company’s offices, you might be surprised to find that there is no receptionist. This is because small businesses need to save as much money as possible. Putting a burden on the payroll is not a viable option for many business owners. If you do not have an in-house receptionist, it might be a good idea to outsource the call answering service to a professional company.

When You Run a Global Business

Do a large majority of your target customers come from another time zone? Most small businesses attend to calls during business hours. However, if your target customers live in another time zone altogether, the only other option is to hire a professional company that offers consumer support services round-the-clock. These customers are likely to call to make specific enquiries about your products before confirming their order. Therefore, it is essential that you answer their queries on time and attend to their complaints as soon as possible.

Team Meeting

Are you taking your team out for a meeting in order to get them to focus? If you are not going to be in the office for the next few days, how will you handle the calls from customers? You should consider buying an ad-hoc package in order to make sure that your customers do not feel neglected.

When You Want to Save Money and Time

Even if you purchase the call answering equipment and set up a separate department, do you have the time and money to train your employees accordingly? It takes a long time to train your employees so that they are capable of answering every call. Some customers might ring your business with a frustrating question. Others might adopt a derogatory tone while filing a complaint. As a customer representative, it is imperative to maintain your cool and handle the situation with grace. Proper training is essential for such reasons. Basically, hiring a professional call handling company will make your company seem much larger than it is, leaving a positive impression on prospective customers.

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